Blueface has warned Chrisean Rock on social media this week that he will file for custody of their newborn son if she doesn't focus on raising him correctly.

Blueface Warns Chrisean Rock and Says He Will File for Custody of Their Son

On Tuesday (Sept. 5), Blueface hit up Twitter and created a series of since-deleted tweets about wanting parental rights of his and Chrisean Rock's son, Chrisean Malone Jr. The tweets can be seen below. The rapper became angry after he came across a video of Chrisean Rock working out at the gym for the first time since giving birth instead of what he thought she should be doing: taking care of their son.

In the first now-removed tweet, Blue claimed that he cares more about Chrisean Malone Jr. than Chrisean does. The Los Angeles rhymer also explained why he thinks Chrisean is selfish.

"Sad part about all this is she doesn’t know we care about the baby more then her at this point," Blue typed. "She so selfish shes only worried about what she wants to do instead of what’s best for the child 24hrs later literally I can’t believe y’all thought a kid would change anything."

In the following removed tweet, Blue warned Chrisean Rock that he would file for custody in 30 days if she doesn't start paying close attention to their son. In Blue's opinion, Chrisean Malone Jr. will be inappropriately touched by Chrisean's family if she doesn't keep an eye on their son. He wondered who would watch their baby when Chrisean wasn't around, too.

Blue wrote: "If she don’t take my son serious an make that her main focus an priority for atleast 30days I will file for custody you’ve been warned. My kid not finna be molested and touched on like everybody in her family dead homys I don’t play them typa games."

Blueface also threw shade at Chrisean's footage at the gym and claimed that their newborn son has been "held and touched by 20 different people.

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Chrisean Claps Back at Blueface

Hours after Blueface's tirade on Twitter, Chrisean Rock jumped on her Instagram Story to set the record straight about her video at the gym, which can be seen below. The 23-year-old rapper posted footage from her home in Baltimore and informed her followers that she has a home gym next to her and Chrisean Malone Jr.'s room so she can remain indoors with her baby.

"I'm home in Baltimore healing," Chrisean wrote over the video on her Instagram Story below. "Thank you to everyone that's keeping us in y'all prayers one step at a time. Yeah I got a personal gym next to our room so I don't have to leave home. I can rest up n get to it at the same time."

Chrisean continued: "I wasn't at a public gym, I'm back home with my family ’till the healing process is over. No need for the drama. The maid comes every other day to clean n sanitize."

On Sept. 3, Chrisean Rock gave birth to her baby with Blueface. The reality TV star named her and Blueface's son after herself. The Baltimore rhymer's full name is Chrisean Malone.

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Check out Blueface going off on Chrisean Rock after seeing a video of her at the gym below.

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