UPDATE (Aug. 26):

On Friday (Aug. 25), Blueface jumped on his Twitter page to address his recent stabbing during his boxing workout. In response to many of his fans asking where was his security when he was stabbed in the leg by an angry transgressor, he said he's the security and is ready for anything.

"They said where was yo security [tears of joy emoji] iam security square ass n***a I ain’t sweating no leg Stab I’m still running fades in balenciagas," he tweeted.

There's no word if the person who stabbed Blueface was apprehended.


Blueface claimed online this week that he's missing his next fight because he was stabbed during a boxing workout.

Blueface Claims He Got Stabbed During Boxing Workout

On Tuesday (Aug. 22), Blueface uploaded a video on his Instagram Story and revealed why he won't be returning to the boxing ring anytime soon. In the clip below, Blue seemingly gets into a heated conversation with an anonymous man in a white tank top during a boxing workout while another guy attempts to diffuse the situation.

As soon as the man wearing the tank top steps away to cool off, the California rhymester throws a few punches at him. Once Blueface stops hitting him, the man hides something in his hand. Underneath the video, the 26-year-old artist wrote that the furious male stabbed him.

"I won’t be able to fight Oct. 14," Blueface wrote under the video on his IG story. "I was stabbed today by some random guy."

Hours later, Blueface shared extra footage on his Instagram page of what happened after the fight. The following clip, which can be seen below, sees the unidentified guy slowly approaching Blue, who at the time was doing boxing drills on a punching bag.

Blueface was reportedly set to fight TikToker Salt Papi on Oct. 14 in Manchester.

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Chrisean Rock Tends to Blueface's Knife Wound

On Tuesday, a rep from ESNEWS went on the sports site's YouTube channel and uploaded an interview they did with Blueface at the Kaminsky Boxing Gym in Reseda, Calif., which can be seen below. While Blueface talks about the advice he's received from boxing legend Floyd Mayweather at the 1:40-mark of the video, Chrisean Rock, the mother of his soon-to-be-born child, appears to tend to Blueface's alleged knife wound.

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See why Blueface is missing his next fight below.

Watch Blueface Claim He Was Stabbed During Boxing Workout

Watch the Extra Footage From Blueface's Fight During His Boxing Workout

Watch Chrisean Rock Tend to Blueface's Knife Wound

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