It seems that Chrisean Rock is receiving a lot of backlash for a video that allegedly shows her smoking while pregnant during her argument with Blueface.

Pregnant Chrisean Rock Receives Backlash for Smoking Video

On Monday (Aug. 21), Twitter user @coreyletterman posted a video which features Chrisean Rock on Sunday's episode of the reality television show Crazy in Love smoking in the kitchen while arguing with Blueface. In the clip, Rock is puffing on what appears to be a joint and she's blowing billows of smoke out of her mouth.

It is uncertain when the footage was filmed, but smoking while pregnant is a big no-no as it's harmful to the fetus and should be avoided. Fans who saw the show jumped on Twitter to express their displeasure with Rock smoking while pregnant.

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Fans Are Not Happy With Chrisean Rock Allegedly Smoking During Her Pregnancy

Many fans were dumbfounded that Chrisean Rock would allow herself to be filmed smoking while she is pregnant.

"I can’t believe Chrisean Rock just smoking weed while she months pregnant on tv for the world to see," tweeted one person.

Another person wrote: "Not Chrisean Rock triggered the mandated reporter in me smoking dat fat ass wood 5 months pregnant on National Television [weary face emoji, calling person emoji]!!"

A third person noted that in California it's not a criminal matter if a woman is smoking weed during her pregnancy. However, she double down and added that she wouldn't do if she was carrying her first born.

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Check out the controversial video of Chrisean Rock possibly smoking while pregnant below.

Watch Chrisean Rock Appear to Be Smoking While Pregnant Below

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