Blueface's mom is making some heavy claims following Chrisean Rock giving birth to Blue's child this past weekend.

Blueface's Mom Claims Him and Chrisean Rock Are Related

In an Instagram Live video that surfaced the net on Monday (Sept. 4), Blueface's mom claimed that her son and Chrisean Rock, the mother of his newborn son, are related. She also stated that Blueface had a baby with his cousin, alluding to the bloodline connection between Blue and Rock.

"I knew something was going on," Blue's mom began in the Live. "Come to find out, Chrisean's mama is a Dorsey. She's a Dorsey. They related to me. Them my people. Girl, if them Dorseys...Dorseys. Come on now, all the Dorseys are related and they all act like that. They all strong and act like that. John done had a baby with his cousin."

She continued, "He did. I bet you we need to test the baby. The baby is probably...that's why the baby had our DNA. What the f**k? Y'all think I'm playing. This could be real."

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Chrisean Rock Goes on IG Live While in Labor

On Sunday (Sept. 3), Chrisean Rock went on IG Live to give fans an up close and personal look at her birthing experience. Rock was on Live in labor while in a hospital delivery room and allowed her followers to see the birth of her and Blueface's son, which Blue was not present for. Instead, he was seen partying with Jaidyn Alexis, the mother of his first two children.

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Chrisean Rock Shares That She Named Her Son After Herself

Rock later revealed the name of her son, Chrisean Malone, which is actually her government name. Chrisean said in a tweet, "Let's welcome my Baby boy Chrisean Malone named after his mommy."

She also shared via social media that Blueface was not invited to the attend the birth of her son.

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