50 Cent explains why he stopped wearing bulletproof vests.

50 Cent Reflects on His Storied Past in a Recent Interview

On Friday (Aug. 4), Men's Health published an interview with 50 Cent as he is currently out on his 93-date Final Lap Tour in celebration of the 20th anniversary of his iconic 2003 album, Get Rich or Die Tryin'. As Curtis reflects on his storied career in the entertainment business, the Queens rapper-exec is shown various photos from throughout the past couple of decades and offers up a reaction to each one.

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Why Did 50 Cent Stop Wearing Bulletproof Vests?

When asked about why he no longer sports his signature bulletproof vest that was publicly visible throughout the early stages of his rap career, 50 Cent provides a bit of insight.

"When did I stop wearing the bulletproof vest?" 50 Cent begins in the video clip below. "I don't have a specific timeline for that. You know what happened? I got other things. I had gotten vehicles, like, full-blown level 6. The same stuff Obama is riding around in."

50 continues: "So it didn't make sense to have to wear it every day because it was like in between that one space that I was going into the building and coming out of the building. So, I started to wear it less but this is almost like my hallmark. In the beginning of my career, I was seen more often with it than without it."

What Has 50 Cent Been Up to When It Comes to Hip-Hop in 2023?

While 50 Cent has been largely focused on his career outside of music for the past 10 years with ventures like his Le Chemin du Roi champagne brand, his revered Power television franchise and even breaking ground on a full-fledged G-Unit production studio, he certainly isn't putting down the mic in 2023. After announcing the aforementioned Final Lap Tour that spans 23 countries, Fif joined forces with fellow Queens legend Nas for the first time in over 20 years on the new song, "Office Hours."

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See 50 Cent explain why he no longer feels the need to rock a bulletproof vest and see old-school footage of him performing in one in the videos below.

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