Soulja Boy harasses Meek Mill on social media over allegations he had sex with Diddy.

Soulja Boy Antagonizes Meek Mill

On Monday (May 13), Soulja Boy clapped back at Meek Mill on X, formerly known as Twitter, after Meek wrote in a since-deleted tweet that Big Draco was "losing touch" with reality over "likes and clout."

"Soulja if you say you're gonna smoke somebody and they see you and actually smoke you it's self defense," Meek wrote. "Y'all losing touch if reality for some likes and clout insane."

"Didn't Diddy f**k u in the a*s?" Soulja Boy replied, retweeting a Say Cheese! screenshot of Meek's deleted tweet.

Soulja Boy's reference to Meek having sex with Diddy presumably stems from the Dreamchasers leader being purportedly mentioned in producer Rodney "Lil Rod" Jones’ lawsuit against Diddy. The suit claimed that Puff had a sexual encounter with a "Philadelphia rapper who dated Nicki Minaj," presumably alluding to Meek Mill. Meek has emphatically denied this accusation since it was made.

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Meek Mill Rips into 50 Cent

Soulja Boy's comments come moments after Meek Mill ripped into 50 Cent on X for engaging in a beef with Diddy's son King Combs. Combs had dissed the G-Unit leader on his new song "Pick a Side," and 50 Cent had begun trolling him as a result.

"Because your federal the street n***as in queens know that why you tryna pick on a lil boy," Meek wrote in response. "Your own son hate your guts lol I'm so grateful to be on a island with my son and his friends on his bday..don't follow these guys they miserable lives be terrible."

Elsewhere, he added, "Ya'll n***as 50 online beefing with kids," Meek continued. "Of course yall n***as left all yall friends and family behind! Yall holding the culture back fr old hating manipulation n***as lol."

Meek then called 50 "mentally sick," before saying, "I don't find him funny he a rich parasite."

Soulja Boy spent his whole Monday beefing as well. Draco traded shots with 21 Savage after SB uncovered a 12-year-old tweet from Metro Boomin that he felt was disrespectful. 21 came to Metro's defense after Draco made a dig about the producer's dead mother.

"Boy you a b***h you not from the A you from the UK I will slap the s**t outta you," the "Crank Dat" rapper replied on his Instagram Story. He then said he would beat up 21 Savage and Metro in a boxing match.

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Check out Soulja Boy's tweet below clowning Meek for allegedly having sex with Diddy below.

See Soulja Boy Harass Meek Mill Over Allegations He Had Sex With Diddy

Soulja Boy tweet
Soulja Boy/X

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