Sexyy Red snapped at a DJ for stopping her music during a recent performance. The DJ in question has responded.

Sexyy Red Snaps at DJ During Performance

On Aug. 6, Sexyy Red took the stage in what appears to have been an impromptu performance at Key Glock's birthday pool party in Houston. In a clip of the performance that is now making its rounds across social media, Sexyy Red can be seen calling out the venue's DJ out for dropping out the music during her song, "Hellcat SRTs."

"Why you turn it off, n***a?" Sexyy Red shouts in the video below. "Yo, run that s**t back. You turned off my favorite part. Don't turn my s**t off again, n***a."

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DJ Mr. Rogers Explains His Side of the Sexyy Red Story

After the video of Sexyy Red's pool party performance began to circulate, the DJ she called out, DJ Mr. Rogers, hit up Twitter on Saturday to explain his side of the story to his 48,000 followers. According to the popular Houston spinner, he feels as though he was just following Sexyy Red's cues and certainly meant no ill intent. However, he was also quick to place the blame on the budding rap star and the venue.

"Sexyy Red cussed me out today for not knowing her show cues like I'm her actual dj," Mr. Rogers wrote in a since-deleted tweet. "Love this new generation of artists. Never had any communication with her or her team at any time during or prior to the event. I didn't even know she was performing so it wasn't a prepared concert. This happens often as a dj so we just vibe with the artist and run through their records if they choose to perform."

The Houston DJ added in a follow-up tweet: "Mind you I had already played 4 of her songs when she walked in. She then decided she wanted to perform 20 min later so we gave her the only mic at the venue leaving me no way to interact with her at all. This was a technical issue with the venue, not the dj."

In conclusion, DJ Mr. Rogers provided Twitter users with a play-by-play of how it all went down from his perspective.

"We started off with Hellcats x SRTS and as she ended the 2nd hook I heard her say "hold up" and I saw her hand gesture to cut it so I dropped the fader," he wrote regarding Sexyy Red's performance. "She continued to rap acappella thru the 2nd verse and everything was cool until she ended the verse and started talking crazy."

Sexyy Red Performances Have Made Many Headlines Recently

Sexyy Red's contentious interaction with the Houston DJ is just the latest in a string of headlines surrounding the sultry St. Louis spitter and her shows. Back at the end of June, Sexyy Red walked off a stage in Chicago after scolding the audience for throwing things at her. The very next day, the Hood Hottest Princess rhymer put a set on hold in a Detroit gentleman's club when she became angry with a fan for hitting her with cash.

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Check out Sexyy Red calling out DJ Mr. Rogers at the Houston pool party and see his pointed response to it all below.

Watch Sexyy Red Snap at a DJ for Stopping Her Music During a Performance and See How the DJ Responded

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