Sexyy Red walked off the stage after scolding the audience to not throw stuff at her during her performance at Summer Smash.

What Happened to Sexyy Red at Summer Smash?

Last Saturday (June 24), Sexyy Red was performing at Lyrical Lemonade's 2023 Summer Smash festival in Chicago when during her performance, the crowd started throwing objects at her. In a clip that has been circulating on social media (watch below), the 25-year-old rapper warned the crowd to not throw stuff at her.

"Y'all better not hit me with s**t," she warned. "I'm a real b***h, if y'all hit me I'm on y'all head."

Sexyy then started to perform her song "SkeeYee" when she abruptly stopped her performance.

"I'm done!" she informed her DJ. "I'm done. They are throwing s**t."

"Thanks for having me, but I'm done," she said before exiting the stage.

Interestingly, the crowd cheered for her when she left the stage. The St. Louis rhymer performed for nearly nine minutes and rapped most of her hit singles including "Pound Town." In the end, she almost finished her set despite the crowd throwing objects at her.

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Sexyy Red Is Not Afraid to Call People Out

Sexyy Red is not afraid to call people out who are being foul or smelling foul. While at the 2023 BET Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday (June 25), the "Slut Me Out" rapper hopped on her Instagram page and posted a video of herself blasting an anonymous woman who decided to fart when she walked past her.

"So, I’m pissed off right now," she said in the clip. "Some stanky booty-ass b***h just walked past me and farted, and it smell like eggs. You nasty as f**k, b***h. Don’t ever disrespect a queen by going to walk past me and fart. B***h, f**k you!" Check out the video below.

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Watch Sexyy Red's Full Performance at 2023 Summer Smash Festival Below

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