Sexyy Red has clapped back at a podcaster who has accused the St. Louis rapper of emasculating Black men during her performance at Rolling Loud Miami.

Sexyy Red Responds to Podcaster Who Accuses Her of Emasculating Black Men During Rolling Loud Performance

Last Friday (July 21), Sexyy Red made a helluva of entrance at her 2023 Rolling Loud Miami performance when she entered the stage with two Black men on all fours attached to leashes and walking them like dogs. While Red's entrance appeared to be harmless fun, it did raise a lot of eyebrows.

One person, Joey Mannarino, a political strategist and podcaster, was repulsed after watching a video of her performance and called out the "Pound Town" rapper for demoralizing Black men.

"Sexyy Red, the 'artist' behind Poundtown, just came out with two black men at her feet like dogs at Rolling Loud," he tweeted on his Twitter account on Saturday (July 22). "Hip-hop culture has been taken over by people who want to forever emasculate Black men. It’s sad."

Sexyy Red caught wind of Mannarino's tweet and simply responded, "I'm freaky shat up."

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Sexyy Red and Her Controversial Freaky Side

While Mannarino's critique of Red's performance is valid, the 25-year-old rapper is not afraid to show her freaky side. Some of which have sparked controversy.

Earlier this year, Sexyy Red allowed NLE Choppa to walk her and fellow rapper Sukihana by their hair in his sexually-explicit video for "Slut Me Out (Remix)." The visual caused outrage on social media with many people slamming Suki and Red for objectifying themselves for a video.

However, NLE has come to the defense of Red's raunchy performances and said that she is very much needed in the music industry.

"I keep seeing the hate y'all having on my girl Sexyy Red," he said in a video. "I'm just a real supporter, a real fan, I love her energy. And I love her music, personally."

"Y'all need to stop doing people like that and treating people like that," he continued. "Y'all need people like Sexyy Red to create a balance from serious music. S**t that you can have fun to. Y'all need to stop doing that girl like that."

It is worth noting that Sexyy Red was not the first rapper to make an entrance with people on leashes. Snoop Dogg had two women on leashes when he arrived at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards. See below.

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