A shout-out from Nicki Minaj has proven to be lucrative for Baddies cocreator Natalie Nunn. The reality television star claimed she got a $1 million deal after Nicki name-dropped her and her chin on Lil Uzi Vert's new song "Endless Fashion."

Natalie Nunn Claims She Secured the Bag Thanks to Nicki Minaj

On Monday (July 3), Natalie Nunn hopped on her Instagram Story to announce that she secured a seven-figure deal thanks to Nicki Minaj referencing her chin on Lil Uzi Vert's track "Endless Fashion." The song appears on the Philadelphia rapper's just-released album, Pink Tape.

"Hahahahha that shout-out got me a million-dollar deal [cat with heart eyes emoji] [tears of joy emoji]," Natalie wrote in her IG post. "Chile this is all really funny! Stay tuned @nickiminaj thanks again sis muahhh [six money-mouth face emojis]."

Natalie Nunn thanks Nicki Minaj for mentioning her chin on Lil Uzi Vert's song "Endless Fashion."

Nunn didn't elaborate on her $1 million deal. However, the Baddies star may have hinted that her lucrative pact is with TikTok. Currently, the #chinchallenge—where people use the long chin filter and rap Nicki Minaj's "Endless Fashion" "chin" verse—is one of the hottest trends on the video-sharing platform.

"#Big [blue cap emoji] Capricorn energy," Natalie wrote on IG. "I will always have the last laugh [tears of joy emoji] TikTok deal signed and sealed [tears of joy emoji] [blowing heart kiss emoji]."

Natalie nunn comment on Nicki Minaj verse.

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Natalie Nunn Ecstatic Over Nicki Minaj's "Chin" Verse on "Endless Fashion"

A few days ago, Natalie reacted to Nicki mentioning her name on "Endless Fashion." For those unfamiliar, on the Uzi track, the Queen of hip-hop referenced Natalie's chin, which many fans have joked about on social media.

"Ayo, even if my name was Natalie, none these b****es still couldn't chin-check me/That's word to Chanel, it ain't nothin' to see, b****es on TV channelin' me," rapped Nicki on the song.

In Natalie's TikTok video, the reality-TV star recited Nicki's lyrics and highlighted her famous chin in the process. The clip has spawned the viral #chinchallenge on both Instagram and TikTok platforms.

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Peep Natalie Nunn's enthusiastic response to Nicki Minaj and Lil Uzi Vert's song "Endless Fashion" below.

Watch Natalie Nunn's Initial Response to Nicki Minaj Name-Dropping Her on Lil Uzi Vert's song "Endless Fashion" Below

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Listen to Lil Uzi Ver's song "Endless Fashion" Below

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