TikTok appears to be the No. 1 social app out right now. The short-form video-sharing platform has blossomed into a huge tool for the music industry over the past few years. No matter the scale, from Drake to Saweetie, going viral on TikTok has proven that the platform holds an inimitable weight in the world of sound, arguably more than competitors like Instagram and Twitter.

Once songs take off on TikTok, the success is typically reflected on the Billboard charts. Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" and Megan Thee Stallion's "Savage (Remix)" have reaped the benefits of their tracks dominating on TikTok this decade, both also going No. 1. And as of late, records like Lil Uzi Vert's "Just Wanna Rock" has created a remarkable amount of motion. But sonics aside, TikTok has propelled rappers to show off their knack for unique, cinematic storytelling and reveal a deeper look at their personalty in a way that interviews don't.

Cardi B has become a huge figure on TikTok. She's an entertainer through and through, and that statement is further reflected on her profile. Her content gives a closer look into the woman that she is off the mic. Though Bardi is a diamond-selling artist, which speaks to her popularity, most fans love the fact that they can see her doing regular things like making meals for her man Offset to try.

On the note of top-selling artists, as is the case with Lil Nas X. Many would rightfully deem him as one of the funniest trolls in the game. He's a character, and plays many on his TikTok page. One day he's a blond-haired surfer and the next he's Ice Spice. People never know what they're gonna get.

Elsewhere, artists like Coi Leray have found success with the platform. Coi seems to have a great understanding on what type of TikTok content that people engage with the most, and her profile is an extension of that. Whether she's dancing with the homies, providing a drip check or using the filters, scrolling through her output is nothing short of amusing.

There are handfuls of rappers that have been able to flaunt their dope, innovative minds on TikTok, often amassing millions of views and followers. So here with all of that in mind, XXL highlights 20 rappers that deserve to be followed on TikTok.

  • Cardi B

    If Cardi B knows how to do anything, it’s entertain. Since the days of Vine, her social media profiles have been filled with quality content. But aside from that defunct app, the drippy visuals she releases on Instagram and the riotous thoughts she unloads on Twitter, Bardi’s TikTok is where a lot of the magic lies.

    As one of the most-followed rappers on the platform, Cardi uses her page for cooking tutorials, day-to-day recaps of her life as a businesswoman, wife and mom, dancing videos and of course, glimpses into her family ties, with frequent guest appearances from husband Offset and daughter Kulture. In fact, what makes her profile so entertaining is that scrolling through it feels a lot more like a look into who Belcalis is, rather than Cardi B, the mainstream talent.

  • Lil Nas X

    Lil Nas X’s TikTok page is golden. When it comes to keeping and growing that audience with his content, Nas doesn’t disappoint. So what will people find when they come across his page? Jokes, of course, as he’s regarded as one of the funniest artists and trolls in music. Elsewhere, the diamond-selling artist participates in a ton of trending challenges. Additionally, Nas seemingly gets the most engagement when he effectively brings other characters to life, like a true thespian. He has the type of page that users will get stuck on, but that also speaks to the unrivaled versatility of and creativeness within it.

  • Coi Leray

    Coi Leray, a self-proclaimed Trendsetter, has been known throughout her career to start waves rather than ride them. She was one of the first artists to find major success on the platform, thanks to the simple fact that she understood early on how to use it to her advantage. She’s always showing off her moves and launching dance trends, whether solo or with the gang. She finds a lot of success in that because her music is always going viral on the platform, with millions of users creating videos that mimic hers and spotlight her output of fun bops. When she’s not getting jiggy, fans can catch Coi serving up looks and narrating the stimulus of her life as a down-to-Earth artist on the come-up.

  • DDG

    Before DDG’s career in rap elevated him into a platinum-selling artist, he got rich off of vlogging on YouTube. So it comes as no surprise that his knacks for social media and pulling people in are still very well intact after years. Adapting to the times, DDG’s TikTok is crammed with comical videos that are later repurposed as memes, workout highlights, performance clips, travel recaps and fit checks.

    Notably, he frequently taps into the popular sounds, trends and effects on the platform as well, likely increasing the viral visibility of his posts. This page wouldn’t be true to DDG if it didn’t include some words of wisdom as well. Whether fans are looking for some motivation, a laugh or a new bop to bump, they’ll find all of the above here.

  • Nicki Minaj

    Now with closer to 20 years in the rap game, it’s clear that Nicki Minaj knows how to sustain something special. Nicki usually gets pretty creative with the different ways that she promotes the same song, especially on her TikTok.

    For example, perhaps she’ll post a clip of the studio session where the track came to life. Then she’ll upload behind the scenes footage from the music video. Next, she might drop a clip of her speaking about or reciting the record. So for those who are genuine fans of Nicki, they’ll stay intrigued by the different levels of her artistry on display via this page.

    Nicki’s son Papa Bear makes his fair share of appearances too, as does some of her confirmed affiliates which ranges from Coi Leray to Drake’s mom Sandi. Showing love and respect to the fans who have consistently supported her, Nicki also reposts clips of people getting in their bag to her music.

  • Will Smith

    Will Smith has always been an OG who wasn’t intimidated by the rise of the internet and social media platforms. Most clips on his TikTok most clips exude “dad energy,” but in the coolest of ways. Sometimes he’s offering his quick and crazy life stories. Other times he’s highlighting some wild travel experiences. On top of that, Will doesn’t just post about himself. He’ll typically upload other unrelated content that he found interesting or simply wanted to offer his thoughts on via the caption.

    When he does put that light back on himself though, Will is no stranger to tapping into the visual effects and duos on TikTok as well. After having such a successful career in both music and acting, on this profile, Will continues to show off a personality that turned him into an undisputed star.

  • Post Malone

    Post Malone’s TikTok mostly gives consumers the opportunity to be a fly on the wall at his tour stops. His page contains a lot of backstage footage, which ranges from playing games of beer pong with polarizing NBA legend Karl Malone to chugging water with wresting hall of famer Triple H to singing country music to a head-bobbing Lil Baby. The page also features a lot of on-stage content as Posty was recently on tour with Roddy Ricch.

    Fans can peep a small portion of him singing classic songs and moonwalking on stage. And to round things out, Post also gives some insight as to what he does when he’s not performing and in the venue. He might be in the parking lot swinging swords or doing all types of activities that are far from basic.

  • Latto

    Latto always looks like he’s having a blast on her profile. As an artist, her profile has continually risen so that’s on display through the moments she captures in the studio and on tour. Latto also seems to find a lot of joy in using the application’s filters, something that she’ll often do alongside her sister Brooklyn.

    Viewers can also catch Latto dancing like her life depended on it, cosigning other women rappers and songs, plus clips from her newly launched 777 radio show on Apple Music. Her entire page is a well-rounded product.

  • Snoop Dogg

    The mind of Uncle Snoop Dogg will always be an interesting one. His TikTok page has gained over 25 million followers who are always eager to see what he has going on. Snoop’s page is a solid blend between old and new. On one hand, he’ll give an updated look at how his life hits as a legend. And on the other, he’ll post some type of video from the days where he was still trying to reach those heights.

    If he’s not doing either of those things, he’s probably giving out free game, vibing in the car to whichever song has him in a chokehold at the moment, playing video games and basketball around his house, or in the lab sifting through music. Essentially, Snoop’s page reflects how good life is now after all of the work he’s put in over the last few decades.

  • Toosii

    In his words, what sets Toosii apart from a lot of other successful acts is the fact that he still moves as if he never made it. His profile has content of Toosii being on the ground, kicking it with his fans, singing in unassuming locations that ranges from parking lots to fields, hitting TikTok dances with whoever is around him at the moment and of course, his experience of being a proud father to his son.

    Toosii also puts forth a commendable effort to push his singles. The most recent “Favorite Song” has found much success on the platform, and that started with the melodist keeping his foot on the gas and finding innovative ways to make people latch onto it on TikTok.

  • Lil Yachty

    Lil Yachty’s TikTok is a comedic mother lode of sorts. The Atlanta rapper shines the most on this social media platform due to the fact that he does a solid job of showing how light-hearted he is on the inside. His posts are carefree like his music. And as a result, his videos mold into gems that are often discovered weeks or months after they were initially created. From the hilarious viral "bayang" video years ago to random footage of his guttural growl when opening a pack of rare Dunkaroos, Lil Boat’s whole TikTok page will send people down a rabbit hole once they click into it. He keeps the content frequent too, so Yachty should get a follow for sure.

  • Saweetie

    Saweetie’s TikTok profile exemplifies the accuracy in her claim to being both classy and ratchet at the same time, with an equal mix of both in each video. When she’s not successfully sparking internet challenges to extend the life of her music, as she did with her hit “Tap In,” she’s uploading clips of herself twerking in the crib with her homegirls, flaunting her athleticism and reminiscing on the crazy stuff she went through growing up, all while staying dolled up.

    What makes her page even more dope is the fact that despite the fame, she’s still a regular person at heart who participates in the same antics that everyone else does on a daily basis.

  • Tyga

    Tyga uses his TikTok profile in a unique way that often sets the tone for other artists. In fact, his posts are so amusing and original that they’re often the ones that find life outside of the app, constantly getting reposted on Twitter and Instagram. With over 11 million followers, he understands the audience on the app and constantly finds a way to elevate what people are already resonating with.

    In the pandemic he was bored in the house and in the house bored. Now, he's back outside and making up for lost time. Overall, T-Raww has become one of the best personalities on TikTok, even outside of rap. If you don’t believe that, just hit follow and let the content speak for itself.

  • NLE Choppa

    On wax, NLE Choppa can give off dark and dangerous. However on his TikTok, the energy is very much bright and bubbly. For starters, most of his videos include him dancing. Most recently, he was flexing the footwork to his own #ShakeTheRoomChallenge, which launched upon the release of his Cottonwood 2 cut “Shake It” with Russ Millions.

    On top of NLE creating his own challenges, he also frequently uploads footage of him previewing music with industry friends and collaborators. And mini commercials that detail the contrast of going from his hometown of Memphis to different countries across the globe. All in all, NLE’s page is more focused on kinetics rather than commentary. But he does a great job of adding opticals to his past, present and future releases.

  • Young M.A

    Heard in her common “pop off now, ask questions later” kind-of-lyrics, it’s evident that Young M.A doesn’t play. However, her TikTok profile has become a beneficial instrument to contrast that. With over 2 million followers on her page, the Brooklyn-bred rapper appears to be far more sprightly than her fans may assume, whether she’s making skits about her girlfriend and pets, christening things in her house like Simba in The Lion King or setting off club vibes in her living room. Viewers will simultaneously laugh and empathize when going through her content. And profiles that adhere to those factors are always top notch.

  • Wiz Khalifa

    Wiz Khalifa and his son Sebastian essentially share a TikTok profile, giving people a glimpse into some of the most memorable and comedic father-son moments on the internet. It's also clear here that Wiz’s wisdom seeps down into his son. And on the alternate side of that, Sebastian brings the youth back out of Wiz. Together, they create videos that are threaded with joy. This is the type of content that will brighten anyones day. So for those looking to smile, look no further than here. Or simply just tap in with the daily routine of Wiz, being Wiz, doing Wiz-like things.

  • Blueface

    There's a reason as to why Blueface is finding success on TV. He managed to start his career by going viral, and still doest that to this day, even without the music. Similar to Wiz, his page features his son pretty often, showing off the fatherhood aspect of the rapper. But this is Mr. “Thotiana" at the end of the day, so things rightfully get pretty wild as well.

    Blueface might mess around and hit the Crip walk over any beat, use an accent to mess with someone at the drive thru or run around the house in a superhero costume. Either way, going through his TikTok is really like watching primetime entertainment He has the type of natural creator that knows bring people in without trying too hard.

  • Rico Nasty

    Rico Nasty’s animated personality is consistent on all of her socials, but especially on TikTok. Upon stumbling on her profile, fans will get hit with an endless number of colors and sounds that are pleasurable to the senses. What also makes for great content is the fact that her liberated aura is infectious. It’s clear that she crossed the rocky bridge of judgement a long time ago. So she now elevates over it and takes pride in being an anomaly. From the reenacted viral skits to the cinematic tribulations of spiders running across the floor, Rico Nasty’s TikTok provides the allurement that will spice up any feed.

  • Swae Lee

    In order for Swae Lee to make the type of freeing music that he does, his personality has to be loose. Proof is on his TikTok page, where in between the previews of new music, he spontaneously records himself doing things like riding a bike standing up on the seat, pulling up to play basketball with his fans and dancing with his animated Snapchat character. Aside from his random daily activities, he also gives fans some insight on his creative process, recording footage of himself making beats and singing for people to witness. This page is for those who have wondered what the body of a certified hit-maker is like in real life.

  • Lizzo

    Lizzo is basically the queen of TikTok. She uses the platform and her profile as a stage every day. Her dance skills are put on display most, while life advice, group skits and daily food updates fill up her feed too. She honestly goes viral on TikTok more than any other rapper. Why? Because everything she posts is raw, genuine and in good spirits, things that are all fitting for the light-hearted nature of TikTok. She truly has a clip somewhere in the feed for everyone to enjoy.

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