Lil Yachty has opened up about what Drake's highly anticipated new album, For All the Dogs, sounds like, and said fans will likely be impressed with the 6 God's latest project.

Lil Yachty Has A Lot to Say About Drake's Latest Album For All the Dogs

Lil Yachty spoke about Drizzy's latest effort on the newest episode of his podcast, A Safe Place, published on Wednesday (Sept. 7). He said the album sounded very "current" and contained a lot of "great songs" with some of Drake's "best verses." However, Yachty admitted he was initially "worried" when the 6 God showed him the album because he wasn't sure how it'd all fit together.

"It sounds current, it sounds very current," Yachty explained at the 9:15-mark of the video below. "It's interesting it's coming together a lot better than I thought. I just had a talk with him a couple of days ago in Vancouver and I was...I was a little worried because I have a lot of songs. And I was like, 'Man I just don't know. How are you gonna put this together?' Because there are a lot of great songs but they don't really, in my brain they didn't really sound together."

He continued, "Then we had a talk about it and he explained to me his thought process about it, and we drove to that video shoot which was an hour away, and we listened to it and it makes sense now. Without giving out any details I think if I had to give a description I think it'll be a record that [is] the most performance album he has as a far as energy. But I will say, I think some of the best Drake verses I've ever heard are on this album."

Yachty concluded that For All the Dogs will be an "interesting" project and that people "will have a lot to say about some of his topics on the album."

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Lil Yachty Had Heard For All the Dogs Once Before

This wasn't Boat's first listen-through of Drake's latest album. Lil Yachty previously said on an episode of A Safe Place back in August that For All the Dogs was so good it almost made him crash his car.

Drake finally confirmed on Wednesday night (Sept. 6) that his new album would drop on Sept. 22. The release date comes after he unveiled the cover art back in August, which was designed by his 5-year-old son Adonis.

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Watch Lil Yachty talk about Drake's For All the Dogs below.

Watch Lil Yachty Talk About Drake's For All the Dogs Album

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