Lil Wayne said in a recent interview that it's impossible for A.I. to duplicate his voice because he's awesome.

Lil Wayne Says It's Impossible for A.I. to Duplicate His Voice

On Wednesday (Aug. 2), Billboard released their new cover story with Lil Wayne for hip-hop's 50th anniversary and spoke about the rap legend's career, his opinion on the current hip-hop scene and more. One of the topics, however, focused on artificial intelligence and its affect on creativity. When Tunechi was asked to state his opinion on the technological advancement, he made it clear that his voice is impossible to mimic because he's extraordinary.

"They were trying to tell me that A.I. could make a voice that sounds just like me," Lil Wayne stated. "But it’s not me because I’m amazing."

Lil Wayne continued: "I’m like, is this A.I. thing going to be amazing too?… I would love to see that thing try to duplicate this muthaf**ka."

After being asked about mixtapes' relevancy due to A.I. and other emerging technology, the 40-year-old rhymer said that mixtapes are similar to other kinds of recordings. Lil Wayne also expressed that his mixtapes will always be sought after and stay true to their form.

"The terminology or definition has changed, that’s all," Lil Wayne opined. "Mixtapes can mean an album mix or anything now. But when it comes to Lil Wayne, everybody knows how I approach mixtapes. So my mixtapes won’t ever change."

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Lil Wayne Names His Top Five Rappers

Elsewhere in the interview, Weezy was asked to name his top five rappers. He named Missy Elliott, Jay-Z, UGK, Goodie Mob and The Notorious B.I.G. as his favs.

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Look at what Lil Wayne had to say about A.I. below.

See Lil Wayne Say It's Impossible for A.I. to Duplicate His Voice Because He's Awesome

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