It looks like Lil Wayne will be on TV commentating on sports in the future. According to Skip Bayless, Weezy will be involved "more than ever" in his FS1 sports show Undisputed.

Lil Wayne Will Be Involved in Undisputed With Skip Bayless

On Friday (June 30), Skip Bayless posted a clip from his recent episode of his eponymous podcast where he was answering fans' questions. One person asked, "Do you visit Lil Wayne once a week?" Bayless explained that he visits Wayne 3 to 4 times a year.

Then the veteran sportscaster recalled his recent trip to Weezy's San Fernando Valley, Calif. mansion last Saturday. He revealed that Wayne recorded an album with a male and female artist we couldn't possibly guess who. "That's Wayne, so fearless and creative," he stated.

Bayless then added that Wayne would participate in his FS1 show Undisputed following Shannon Sharpe’s departure earlier this month.

"Wayne will be involved more than ever in Undisputed going forward," he said in the video at the bottom of this post. "So will Young Money. I love you, man. And I thank you for yet another very memorable Saturday."

On his Instagram page, Skip Bayless posted a photo of himself embracing Lil Wayne at his mansion last weekend. He captioned it, "Ernestine [Bayless' wife] and I just got back from spending a sun-blessed LA Saturday afternoon at Lil Wayne’s. 4 hours of the best conversation 3 humans could hope to have - on music, sports and life. Deep thoughts punctuated by big laughs. Love you, man."

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Lil Wayne and Skip Bayless Friendship

Lil Wayne and Skip Bayless have been friends since 2008 when Bayless was on ESPN. It's not uncommon for Tunechi to appear on Undisputed to offer his commentary on a variety of sports topics. In another video Bayless posted on his YouTube channel (below), the veteran journalist explained his endearing friendship with the Young Money leader.

"The connection here is my wife, Ernestine, and I are endlessly fascinated by Wayne's gift for recording and performing," he said. "Just as I believe he is unquenchably intrigued by behind-the-scenes at Undisputed.

"Other than Ernestine, I don’t know anybody, any human, that watches more Undisputed, for that matter, more FS1 than Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. does," he continued. "I'm pretty sure he never misses an Undisputed."

It's unclear what role Lil Wayne will play on Undisputed, however, Bayless has not announced Shannon Sharpe's successor as full-time co-host on his popular sports commentary show.

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Watch Skip Bayless Talk About Lil Wayne and His Role With Undisputed Below

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