Joe Budden shared some angry text messages he allegedly received from Drake after Joe's critique of Aubrey's new album, For All the Dogs.

Joe Budden Reveals Correspondence From Drake

On a new episode of Joe Budden's The Joe Budden Podcastthe rapper-turned-podcaster revealed more details about his recent spat with Drake. According to Joe, he received numerous angry texts from Drake after Joe called out Drizzy's new album for being immature.

After revealing that Drizzy sent him a 55-second voice memo along with the angry texts, which Joe says he didn't listen to, Budden then proceeds to read off portions of what Drake wrote, which includes Drizzy calling Joe by his middle name and an immediate jab at Joe Budden's 2003 hit, "Pump It Up."

"Take a chill pill, Anthony," Drake’s DM reads according to Joe Budden. "Have a drink. Throw on some instrumentals, maybe write one of those 'Fellas, do ya thing, let me do my thing' joints for old times' sake. A little radio play would do you some good, papa."

Drake's messages continue: "’Cause you bringing up friends and the b***hes I f**k like you know anything about that. I don't give a f**k what you listen to in your free time because the people's opinion who I care about don't have free time."

Drizzy concludes: "I also don't care if you like or dislike something, but don't talk about my life and s**t like you trying to plant some seed or paint som narrative and turn people against me. Talk about the music. If you hate it, you hate it. But you talking about I'm out here f**king 25-year-olds, that s**t feels malicious to me and I don't do well with that. Your nerd co-host can sit and talk about, 'A gangster this and that,' but keep it journalistic, Jabronis."

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Joe Budden Offers a Dismissive Response to Drake's Angry DMs

In response to Drake's angry DMs, Budden brushes the whole thing off in a very dismissive manner. Joe explains that while there was a time in his rap career in which he welcomed any and all beef, those days are over.

"He thinks that this is like Views beef time,” Joe Budden says in reference to his rocky past with Drake. "I want to reiterate, I'm happier than I've ever been in my life. I don't have beef. I don't even get the message, but cool."

Budden adds: "Not only do you not have to do this right now, but it don't work on me. I don't know if people know that about me, that this type of stuff don't work on me. But it's fine."

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Why Do Drake and Joe Budden Have Beef Right Now?

While Drake and Joe Budden have a storied past dating back to 2016, when they had a dispute over negative remarks Joe had about Drizzy's Views album, the beef between the two had seemingly been squashed since 2020. However, when Drake dropped For All the Dogs at the end of last week, Joe Budden opined that the Toronto MC should start taking a more grown-up approach to music and his personal life.

In a scathing response to Budden's criticisms, Drake fired back, calling Joe a failure. That prompted further callouts aimed at Joe Budden in Drake's defense from the likes of Birdman and Drake's father, Dennis Graham.

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In the Joe Budden Podcast clip below, Budden reads Drake's alleged text messages aloud and offers his take on the situation.

Watch Joe Revealing Drake's Alleged DMs Amid Their Current Beef

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Drizzy's on one.

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