Joe Budden thinks hip-hop is in a dark place and provides several reasons why the genre is in a grim spot.

Joe Budden Says Hip-Hop Is Currently in a Dark Space

On Wednesday (Sept. 20), Joe Budden sat down for an interview on The Gauds Show with Ray Daniels. During the sit-down, the rapper turned successful podcast host was asked his opinion on the future of hip-hop.

"Dark," Budden plainly responded at the 15:24-mark of the interview below. "I think we already there. Everybody can't do a show. Everybody can't put a song on a playlist. Everybody cannot access their fans or the information behind the units that they are moving. It's dark out there."

He continued: "N***as don't know how to respond to A.I. Label people are leaving for the tech companies and they playing all kinds of stock games at the top. They selling IPOs. Their artists are not getting one red penny. It's disgusting out there."

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Joe's Plan for Change

Joe went on to say he believes there is a corrective course of action.

"We need a meeting," he continued. "We need a meeting to share our own information to come up with our own plan. We need to figure out who need to be with them over there...and who wanna be over here. It's gonna be tough to do that. People are voluntarily giving their rights away. I feel like I been a broken record for years."

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See Joe Budden opining about the current state of hip-hop below.

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