As Drake's stock continues to rise, Fat Joe has jokingly admitted that he might have some jealous brewing due to Drizzy's popularity among the masses.

Fat Joe Explains Why He Might Be Jealous of Drake

During a nearly 75-minute Instagram Live session, Fat Joe gave his thoughts on a variety of topics, but also spent some time listing off why he may have a little envy towards Drake. Joey Crack explained, "The chick with the big boobs at the Drake concert scores a contract with Playboy. And let me tell you why I might be jealous of Drake, right? I've never seen a guy people love more, OK? Because it's rumors this airplane that looks like the flyest plane in the world, was actually given to him by a 'friend.' Someone who wants to be down with the man that has a 15-year run of unstoppable hits."

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Fat Joe Says Drake Was Gifted $1 Million Tupac Shakur Ring

The Bronx rap veteran went on to mention the gold, ruby and diamond crown ring that Drizzy has been proudly rocking, that once belonged to Tupac Shakur, revealing that the piece of jewelry was actually gifted to Drake. "Then, there's a guy who owns all the crypto s**t, he buys the Tupac ring for $1 million and gives it to Drake," Fat Joe said.

Clearly in disbelief at the lengths of love Drake has received, which has resulted in numerous expensive gifts, Fat Joe then states, "Who the f**k is giving people this type of s**t? Yes, I'm not making this s**t up. Bro, they won't give me a pack of socks. They won't give me a croissant. F**k. This is some bulls**t. Yeah, they're billionaires, but goddamn. Why can't a billionaire give me some s**t like that? I don't know."

He added, "Every time I turn around, I hear some s**t about someone giving Drake some crazy s**t. And I'm like, yo, this is un-f**kin-believable."

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Drake Fan Receives Job Offer From Playboy

Drake has been making headlines as of late in connection to events that have transpired during his It's All a Blur tour with 21 Savage. During various tour stops, undergarments, purses and sneakers have all been thrown on stage amid Drizzy's performances. Last week, it was reported that 21-year-old Veronica Correia threw her bra onstage during the Toronto rhymer's show at the Barclays in Brooklyn and Playboy contacted her to offer a gig as a content creator.

As for ’Pac's ring, Drake was spotted at Starlet's adult entertainment club in Queens over the weekend wearing the iced-out piece on his pinky finger.

This all comes ahead of the release of Drake's forthcoming album, For All the Dogs, due out soon—hopefully.

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