A video of a fake Kanye West bumping along to an A.I.-generated Drake and Ye song in a DJ booth at club LIV in Miami has surfaced online.

Fake Kanye West Appears in a DJ Booth at Club LIV

On Aug. 19, a fake Kanye West made an appearance at club LIV. In the clip below, the Ye look-a-like stands next to the DJ for the night as he plays a supposed unreleased Drake and Kanye West. Before pressing the play button, the DJ announces that Kanye West is in the building. Then the DJ hints at having an unreleased record from Kanye West and Drake.

"We got Ye in this muthaf**ka tonight LIV," the DJ says to the audience. "I’m about to play some s**t I'm not even supposed to have."

"You wanna hear some brand new Kanye and Drake s**t make some noise," the DJ continues. "F**k it, let's do it!"

Turns out, the song was actually created via artificial intelligence.

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Supposed Skit Shows Fake Kanye West Gets Caught by Club's Staff Members

To make light of the situation, David Grutman, the owner of LIV posted a skit on his Instagram page on Aug. 20. In the comedy bit, which can be seen below, the fake Kanye West and someone supposedly from his entourage are escorted out by the club's security.

Later in the video, the alleged person who was a part of the sham recorded the aftermath of being caught from his point of view. After attempting to flee the scene, the anonymous man tries convincing viewers that the Kanye West impersonator was being held hostage by law enforcement. He also recorded himself allegedly getting mishandled by security.

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See the video of fake Kanye West in the DJ booth at LIV while an A.I. Drake and Ye song is being played below.

Watch Fake Ye at LIV in Miami

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