While many people in the hip-hop community are mourning the death of Atlanta rapper TroubleSoulja Boy, who had issues with the slain rapper before Trouble died, seems to be reveling in the tragic news.

On Wednesday morning (June 8), Soulja Boy hopped on Instagram Live to apparently weigh in on Trouble's killing, which occurred on June 5. SB was in full-on rant mode at the start of the more than 20-minute video

"None of them niggas ain't shoot shit, air nothing out, even they homeboys," Soulja Boy snapped. "Fuck you talking ’bout, nigga? One man, just me, on my feet, just me, two feet aired all them niggas out. At 18, nigga. Aired all them niggas out. Beat the case on self-defense. Ain't snitch on nobody like 6ix9ine, nigga," he added, referencing the time in 2008, when he reportedly shot someone when a group of people tried to break into his house.

Soulja goes on to seemingly speak directly to Trouble's murder, implying that the rapper was soft because he was shot and died.

"Dudes be talking tough as hell to me on the internet like they gangstas, and then go out like some hoes," Soulja Boy said. "That shit crazy as fuck, bruh. These niggas really be bitches. That's crazy. How you so tough on the fucking internet and getting killed in real life? That shit crazy. Tough-ass, internet-ass, nigga. Bitch-ass boy, fuck you talking ’bout. That shit crazy. I feel like I'm the only nigga that got some sense."

"I told them niggas to they face they was some hoes, though," he adds. "This like the fifth nigga talk shit, end up dead...Anybody else want to talk shit to Big Draco? Where y'all at? Do anybody else got something to say to Big Draco? Please get in line. You dead-ass niggas."

Soulja Boy and Trouble's issues originated when SB talked down about Young Dolph after Dolph was murdered last November, and Trouble came to the late Memphis rapper's defense. During the back-and-forth, Soulja ominously told Trouble he could be next.

According to authorities, Trouble was shot and killed while at a female friend's apartment after the woman's ex-boyfriend, who has been identified as Jamichael Jones, 33, burst into the home and shot Trouble following a tussle around 3 a.m. Jones surrendered to police on June 7. He has been charged with felony murder, aggravated assault, home invasion and battery, and remains in the Rockdale County, Ga. Jail after being denied bond.

See Soulja Boy's ridiculous rant below.

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