Soulja Boy is about to be a father.

Yesterday afternoon (March 19), the "Rick and Morty" rapper announced to the world that he is expecting a child with his partner, by way of footage from his gender reveal party. In the video, SB and his pregnant partner, who is reportedly a celebrity stylist in Los Angeles, are surrounded by friends and two people dressed in large baby costumes in the backyard of a mansion.

At the same time, SB and the woman activate separate exploding balls that reveal they're expecting a boy. Everyone erupts in cheers and the ecstatic rapper and his partner hug happily.

Big Draco captioned the post simply, "It’s a boy ‼️."

Many people were surprised that the 31-year-old rapper, known for boasting about being the first to do things (and many times having proof), is just now having his first kid.

"At 30 something? That’s rare to see for rappers these days," one person tweeted.

"[Not gonna lie] im more surprised that he didnt have a kid already," another person posted.

"First? Soulja pull out game is crazy," someone else joked.

Despite not being able to put "the first rapper to have a child" on his list of accomplishments, fans still joked that the rapper was somehow setting a precedent. "The first rapper named Soulja boy to have a boy," one Twitter user typed.

"@souljaboy the only rapper to have a gender reveal & a sold out show in the same night," another person shared along with video of SB performing onstage the same night.

See more reactions to Soulja Boy's announcement that he's having a child below.

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