Soulja Boy is calling out several artists including Lil Durk and the Migos. Big Draco claims they won't work with him since they became successful.

On Wednesday (March 30), Soulja Boy hopped on Instagram while rolling up. He initially asked fans who he should sign to his SODMG label before going on to air out his random grievance. "I always work with a artist before they pop off," Soulja said. "Look at me and Migos. Look at me and Rich The Kid. Look at me and Mozzy. Look at me and Lil B. Look at me and Riff Raff. Me and Famous Dex. How many rapper niggas I done worked with before they got popping, before they record deal?"

He added, "Look at me and Lil Durk. I was on Lil Durk first mixtape. Look at me and Chief Keef. Look at me and Lil Durk. I do songs with all these niggas before they get famous. Then once them niggas get famous, I can't even get a song from these niggas. That's crazy. But when ya'll niggas was in the hood, and ain't nobody know who the fuck y'all was, I was doing songs with y'all niggas."

Soulja went on to claim Rich The Kid and Chief Keef are the only two rappers who he worked with prior to their fame who returned the favor once they got big.

"Niggas ain't real. No cap. But y'all know what the fuck going on, though," Soulja continued. "All a nigga got to do is look up Soulja Boy, Lil Durk, "Eater." This man first mixtape. I'm talking about, nobody knew who this man was. Now a nigga get a record deal. Where the fuck my feature back at, nigga? When you niggas was in the hood, you niggas was unsigned, I was doing songs with you niggas for free."

Soulja Boy's facts are a little off. He appeared on Durk's third mixtape, Life Ain't No Joke, which was preceded by the two projects I'm a Hitta and I'm Still a Hitta, both of which had already garnered the Chicago rapper a sizeable buzz.

Check out Soulja's rant below.

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