UPDATE (OCT. 5): Sexyy Red’s Sex Tape Leaks on Her Instagram Account


Sexyy Red blames a car accident for her sex tape being leaked in a new interview.

Sexyy Red Reveals How Her Sex Tape Got Leaked

On Wednesday (Aug. 9), Sexyy Red sat down for an hour-long interview with Lil Yachty and his cohost, MitchGoneMad, for a new episode of A Safe Place Podcast. In one part of the discussion, the three reflected on their sexual experiences, which led the 25-year-old rhymer to reveal why her sex tape was leaked. At the 26:35-mark of the video below, Sexyy Red shared that she was exposed on the interwebs due to a car accident.

According to the St. Louis rapper, her casual fling at the time recorded the act but failed to hide it on his phone after getting into a car crash with his supposed girlfriend and leaving the scene.

"So they got into a car accident, and he left his phone at the car accident and left her at the scene," Sexyy Red explained in the video below. "She went through his phone and saw a video of him eating my c***hie on the phone, and she posted it on the internet."

Although Sexyy Red knew the guy was taken, she justified that he didn't want to be with his partner anymore.

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Sexyy Red Proclaims She's the Raw Dog Queen

At the 9:29-mark of her interview with Lil Yachty, the "Pound Town" rapper revealed how she doesn't prefer to use condoms. The views on safe sex arose after Sexyy Red told a story about the time her previous partner found the contraception in her trash can.

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See Sexyy Red talk about why her sex tape got leaked below.

Watch Sexyy Red Blame a Car Accident for Her Sex Tape Being Leaked

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