Meek Mill recently gave fans a peek behind the curtain about the money he makes off music and also revealed he has no idea how much money he pocketed from his hit single with Drake, "Going Bad."

On Monday (Nov. 21), Meek Mill started a Q&A session on Twitter where he fielded queries from fans on the transitioning social networking app. When one fan asked what happened to the deluxe version of his latest album Expensive Pain, the Philly rapper railed against the payout practices of the music industry.

"I let those albums go once I seen I was get 13. Cents to every dollar, once I really figured that out I ain’t promoting no label shit I don’t eat off …. My money come from my name and brand," Meek Mill tweeted.

"I made 11million dollars in 10 years from music 'just music payments' I was shocked mad and didn’t wanna really rap for any label …. Now I got a real point to prove to show you can survive without getting rapped [sic]!" he added in a follow-up tweet.

"On a bad month I make a [million]," Meek Mill continued. "A lot of people let me down when I got educated about my own business … and it wasn’t like I’m not a learner … they mentally keep you faded from knowing...Don’t give me a plaque give me the financial paper of how much the song I recorded for 20k made 20 million … not a award … I’m from the trenches I don’t want that shit I want a estate … I want my whole family tree to beat the ghetto!"

Meek Mill said a red flag came when he asked someone at his label for the financial numbers on his 2018 hit "Going Bad," which featured his reunion with Drake.

"One day I asked how much 'going bad' made just that song…. They said 24m I was like how much did I make? All I got was uhhhhhhh lol im@like wtf I know all the financials to my other business lol I signed out lost all trust for that whole system!" Meek admitted.

"I asked drake to do that song 3 days b4 my album came out," he continued. "'I think he did for free for me' we cooked it up …. How tf do I not know how much I made off a song that made that much … they gave me a plaque 😂 big mental trickery!"

XXL has reached out to Atlantic Records for comment.

Meek Mill has been blasting the recording industry for several weeks. He will be dropping his new mixtape Flamers 5 on Monday afternoon. He also recently announced a Dreams & Nightmares 10th anniversary concert that will take place on Nov. 26 at the Wells Fargo Arena in Philadelphia.

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