The Lil Durk look-alike that 6ix9ine featured in a video in order to taunt Durk about King Von's death now claims that he was ambushed by Tekashi and his crew.

In an Instagram Live video that was posted on Tuesday (April 26), Perkio, a young man who has become known for his striking resemblance to Lil Durk, has come forth with his side of the story regarding a video that was previously posted by 6ix9ine. The Lil Durk look-alike explained to his 280,000 followers that he was simply expecting to meet up with a YouTuber who wanted to link up when 6ix9ine and the group of people he was with pulled up on him. Perkio says that he was totally uncomfortable with the situation and didn't want any part of the Lil Durk trolling session that the "Giné" rapper was looking to accomplish.

"His crew, he had a lot of niggas around him too," Perkio said. "Like, they all came, and then, there was that jacket. And then they start throwing, like, everybody ambushed me, literally. Like, he threw the jacket on me. Like, this nigga was pressing his arms right here. He was pressing and then I'm like, yo, I was looking at him. Every one of them boys, like, they was filming and everything, they was filming and all that. Before that, I was like, you know, I don't want to do no video with 6ix9ine, none of that. I said I don't want to disrespect OTF, I don't want to disrespect Durk, I don't want to disrespect nobody. You feel me?"

Perkio's explanation was prompted by an Instagram clip that was posted by 6ix9ine and went viral on Tuesday (April 26). In the video, Tekashi can be seen putting a jacket onto the Lil Durk look-alike's back that had an image of Durk's late cousin King Von, who was shot and killed on Nov. 6, 2020.

6ix9ine's latest attempt at trolling Lil Durk follows a history of beef between the two rappers that stems from Durk taking exception to the fact that the "Trollz" rapper testified in federal court against the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods back in 2019. Since then, the two spitters have been involved in a constant back-and-forth spat with Tekashi using King Von's death as ammo to provoke Lil Durk.

Watch Perkio's full Instagram Live video below.

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