Lil Durk recently had an awkward moment during a tour stop when someone in the crowd peed on themself.

Lil Durk is currently in the midst of his 7220 Tour. On Friday (April 15), video surfaced from a recent stop on the cross-country jant where Durkio pauses thinking someone is hurt only to find out the person couldn't hold their water.

In video of the incident, Lil Durk is onstage and the music is not playing. He then appears to see or hear something that seems off in the crowd. "Somebody passed out?" he asks. "Huh? She pissing? She peed? What the fuck? I heard of everything. I ain't heard of that shit, now. I don't know what to do in this situation. They talking ’bout, she peed. It depend on what type of pee it is, though. Did you piss because you seen us up here? Or you peed on some nasty shit?"

Lil Durk checks again to make sure no one is in danger. "So nobody passed out or fighting or nothing?" He questions. "She peed? Just go to the back and clean yourself, that's all... Go clean yourself, ma. It's alright."

Lil Durk's 7220 Tour kicked off on April 8 in Phoenix. The OTF rapper will make 17 stops in total, hitting up cities like Houston, New Orleans, Miami, Atlanta and New York, before closing out on May 2 in Durk's hometown of Chicago.

Lil Durk released his latest album, 7220, on March 11. The 17-song album features guest appearances from Future, Gunna, Summer Walker and country star Morgan Wallen. The LP debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.

See video of Lil Durk reacting to someone peeing at his concert below.

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