Issa Rae has immediately shut down even the idea of Ice Spice rapping a theme song to Issa's life.

Issa Rae Asks the Cast of Barbie Who Should Rap the Theme Song to Issa's Life

On Thursday (July 20), Vanity Fair posted a TikTok video of Issa Rae and her Barbie castmates sitting down for a round-table type of discussion. As Margot Robbie, America Ferrera and more ladies from the most hyped-up film of the summer chop it up about a potential theme song for Issa Rae's life, the famed actress-producer scoffs at the suggestion of Ice Spice lending her rhyming skills to such a task.

"Who would sing/rap the theme song to my life?" Issa Rae asks the cast of Barbie in the Vanity Fair TikTok video below.

Issa Rae Shuts Down America Ferrera's Suggestion for Ice Spice to Rap Issa's Theme Song

After the Barbie girls were quick to acknowledge Issa Rae's own music, the Insecure star offers a clue as to who she'd chose for rapping her theme song, noting that the artist in mind is both "alive" and "poppin'." That's when actress America Ferrera yells out, "Ice Spice."

"America, no," Issa Rae sternly replies along with a deep sigh of what some could consider disdain.

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Which Rapper Would Issa Rae Want to Rap Her Life's Theme Song?

While Ice Spice is very clearly not an option, there are three other prominent females in the rap game who Issa Rae would consider worthy of performing her life's theme song. However, according to Issa, one of those women in particular stands head and shoulders above the rest. Issa Rae says that she would "be honored" if Nicki Minaj or Cardi B were up to the task but it's Megan Thee Stallion who would be her rapper of choice.

What Is Ice Spice's Connection to the New Barbie Film?

While Ice Spice certainly won't be rapping Issa Rae's signature tune any time soon, the Bronx, N.Y. spitter does have a connection to the new feature film, Barbie. Prior to the flick's release on Friday (July 21), Ice Spice linked up with Nicki Minaj for "Barbie World," a hip-hop interpolation of Aqua's 1997 Euro-pop smash, "Barbie Girl" that appears on the Barbie soundtrack.

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Check out Vanity Fair's video of Issa Rae, Margot Robbie, America Ferrera discussing Ice Spice, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion.

Watch Issa Rae Immediately Shut Down the Idea of Ice Spice Rapping a Theme Song to Issa's Life Below

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