GloRilla is adamantly defending her decision to hire a personal assistant for $550 per week.

On Monday (Dec. 19), GloRilla responded via Twitter to the continuous stream of backlash she's been facing as a result of publicly offering weekly pay of only $550 to a person willing to become her personal assistant. The defense of the seemingly low payment amount for what would likely be a strenuous job followed a tweet GloRilla published on Sunday (Dec. 18), in which the "Tomorrow 2" spitter expressed a sense of sorrow she feels after having been dragged across social media in recent days.

"I can't wait ’til my culture come together and just show love to one another," tweeted the Memphis rapper on Sunday. "It's like we tear each other down more than anybody else and it's wicked."

Immediately following the tweet, one user, who goes by GeauxGabrielle, took GloRilla to task, telling the Anyways, Life's Great... artist that she deserves all the smoke that has been sent in her direction.

"Girl, you are paying people starvation wages and being rightfully dragged for it," wrote the user alluding to GloRilla's questionable job offer.

glorilla called out for 550 a week personal assistant job

In response, GloRilla clapped back at the pointed comment by explaining that the way she sees it, the personal assistant position she is offering is just as if, if not more lucrative than any painstaking corporate gig. Glo also inferred that at least with the job she's offering, it would be in support of the Black community as opposed to further contributing to the corporate machine.

"People would rather work long 10-12 hour shifts at a billion-dollar company, working [10 times] harder on your feet all day, paying the same amount as me, maybe one or two hundred dollars more," wrote GloRilla. "But y'all so pro 'Support Black Business.' We gots to do better."

GloRilla originally posted the personal assistant job back on Dec. 14 via Facebook. While the qualifications for opportunity were relatively low, only requiring the basics of what it takes to be one's personal assistant as well as a high school education, the actual responsibilities associated with becoming an important member of Glo's team were much more extensive. Aside from handling all of GloRilla's day-to-day comings and goings, both major and minute, the job would also require frequent travel, all for a job that only pays roughly $28,600 annually before taxes.

In the days since, GloRilla's low-paying job offer has seen the Memphis-born rhymer dragged left and right across social media and has been a major topic of discussion throughout the hip-hop community.

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