Fat Joe thinks 6ix9ine's antics prove Tekashi has a death wish but the Brooklyn rapper-federal informant begs to differ.

Joey Crack was recently on an episode of battle rapper Math Hoffa's podcast, Expert Opinion, which aired on YouTube on Monday (May 23). During the literal barbershop conversation, Fat Joe called out 6ix9ine for being a fake and opined that the TattleTales rapper wants to die.

"This nigga's a sucka. He's a pussy. A sucka. A bitch," Fat Joe described 6ix9ine at the 17-second mark of the video. "This dude here. This type of shit this nigga doing, I'm convinced he want to die. I don't wish it on him or nothing like that, but I'm convinced, he's miserable, in his body. He can't look in the mirror."

Fat Joe interviewed 6ix9ine in February of 2018 and tried to warn the hot-headed rapper to slow down then. Tekashi didn't take heed and was arrested that November on racketeering and gun charges, eventually cooperating with the government to help take down the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods gang in order to get a lighter sentence.

"So now, the man snitch. Cool, do you, whatever," Fat Joe continued. "I don't like the taunting. I tried to tell him what happens [when I interviewed him]. I didn't know if he really did it. I didn't know what was going on. The crazy shit is when I talked to him in the interview, I talked to him off the air and he lied to me and told me, "Yo, this is just an image. I'm fronting," this this this and that. He told me that in front of Shotti and them niggas, they was standing right there with him."

Never one to let a slight slide, 6ix9ine reportedly responded to Fat Joe via TMZ on Monday night.

"Fat Joe is jealous of 69. 69 has done more in his young career than Fat Joe has ever done in his long career," Tekashi reportedly told the celebrity news outlet. "Fat Joe said I was miserable and want to die? Fat Joe is miserable and wants to die because Fat Joe doesn't have half of what 69 has in money and cars...Fat Joe said I'm not a gangster, it was all for promotion? That's fake news. What's his proof that I ever said that? There is no proof. He's lying."

If Fat Joe is to be believed, this wouldn't be the first time 6ix9ine has admitted to using antics and a persona to gain popularity. In April, 6ix9ine admitted the $2 million he flashed in a Instagram video was prop money. Previous to that, he told a judge he is actually flat broke and struggling to make ends meet.

See video of Fat Joe calling out 6ix9ine on the Expert Opinion podcast below.

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