Drake continues to be gifted bras by his fans on tour. One supporter at a recent show gave the rapper their mom's bra, which he proceeded to wear like a durag.

Drake Receives Fan's Mom's Bra

On Aug. 26, Drake and 21 Savage's It's All A Blur Tour rolled through Seattle. During the show, fans continued the tour custom of giving the rap superstar bras. Only this time, a fan gave Drizzy their mother's brassiere. In the video below, Drake seems confused.

"This is your mother's bra that you brought to the show?" Drake questioned the fan. "Where is your mama at? You gotta send her my love. And by the way, you gotta send her my love and you gotta tell her to get Instagram A.S.A.P. This insane. What the hell? I could use this s**t as a durag tonight," Drake added before putting the bra on his head.

"Nah this is crazy," Drake continued. "What size is this, though? This might be the record breaker. I think it has to. What is it? It's a full coverage bra, clearly. What size is this? It's custom. That is that OVO s**t right here. This is custom. Oh my God, I see the size."

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When Is For All the Dogs Dropping?

While Drake moves into the second leg of his It's All a Blur Tour, fans are getting restless for the release of his new album For All the Dogs. Many fans presumed the album would drop on Aug. 25 due to multiple unconfirmed reports. Drake explained why the album didn't drop during a show date over the weekend.

"I know everybody's upset that I didn't drop an album last night. I didn’t say it was dropping last night. So don't be mad at me," he told the audience. "I just said it was coming soon."

"It's not going to be that much longer, trust me. I'm finishing it up," he continued. "You know I got shows everybody. But I promise you, For All the Dogs is on the way."

"I promise you, this album will be for you. I promise you it will be worth the wait," he added.

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See video of Drake putting on a fan's mom's bra like a durag below.

Watch a Drake Fan Throw Their Mom's Bra on Stage and Drizzy Wear It Like a Durag

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