Drake received a gargantuan bra during his latest stop on the It's All a Blur Tour. Instead of coming from a passionate fan, the rap superstar's father gifted him the prop.

Drake Receives Enormous Bra During Show

On Wednesday (Aug. 16), Drake wrapped up the last of three shows at the Kia Forum in Inglewood, Calif. During the show, fans carried on the tradition of throwing bras on the stage. Only this time, Drizzy received a brassiere that was almost as big as him.

"Whose is this?" Drake questioned while holding the bra up. "I appreciate y'all. This is love. This might be the end of a saga right here. This might be the end of the road, I don't know. If these were real, I don't even know if I'd want to see them. Then I'd believe that aliens exist."

Drake was then notified that the bra was a gift from his father Dennis Graham. There was a letter attached addressed to Drizzy.

"It says, 'Dad's wishing big things for you," Drake read. "'I love you and making sure you are breastfed forever.' What's wrong with this guy?"

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Bra Designer Comments on Gag Gift

It turns out Dennis had the bra custom-made by designer Zoba Martin. She commented on the gag gift on Instagram on Thursday (Aug. 17).

"The most giagantic bra gifted to @champagnepapi by his dad,@therealdennisg," she captioned video of her with the bra. "I couldn’t keep a straight face while making this."

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See video of Drake receiving a gigantic bra from his dad during a recent show below.

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