The big-busted Drake fan who reportedly got an offer from Playboy after tossing her 36G bra at the rapper during an It's All a Blur Tour stop is divulging what Drizzy DM'd her following her viral moment.

Ample-Bosomed Drake Fan Tells All in New Interview

On Tuesday (Aug. 1), Veronica Correia a.k.a. 36G Bra Girl, sat down for an interview on the Club Ambition podcast where she talked about the newfound fame she's garnered thanks to giving Drake her voluminous brassier during a show at the Barclays Center in July. According to Correia, she has been in contact with Drake via DM.

"He was laughing at all my messages. So, I said, 'Oh do you think I'm funny?'" Correia added. "And he said, 'I think you're really sought-after right now.'"

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Drake picked up Correia's bra after she threw it at the rapper while he was performing at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y. last month. Drizzy stopped in his tracks and commented on the size of it, which can be seen in the video below. The viral moment was apparently enough to get the attention of Playboy, who tracked Correia down and reportedly offered her a contract.

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See 36G Bra Girl divulging Drake's DMs below.

Watch 36G Bra Girl's Full Interview on the Club Ambition Podcast

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