Boosie BadAzz is urging fans to show up to court and protest after the prosecutor in his recent gun case appealed the rapper's bond.

Boosie Sends Out Message From Jail

On Wednesday night (June 21), Boosie released a message on his Twitter account addressing his current circumstances following his recent arrest on a federal gun possession charge.

"After the judge has granted me a bond, and I paid my full cash amount the prosecution refuse to respect the judges decision to let me go," Boosie's message begins. "They showed no evidence of me being a flight risk or a danger to the community. The prosecutor Mr. Wheat looked at me singing Wipe Me Down, wiped his shoulders and shook his head with a look of evil in his eyes. This is total misconduct from a prosecutor. He is racist and has evil intentions. Now they filed an appeal asking another judge to keep me in prison. I need the people of San Diego outside the court tomorrow to protest the injustice that is being done to me."

"I need ALL prayer warriors across the world to pray this southern district of California remove Mr. wheat and this prosecution off my case," Boosie added. "Even my attorneys have never seen nothing like this in their career. Help Me Fight this Injustice and say a prayer for my freedom tomorrow."

XXL has reached out to attorney Michael Wheat for comment.

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Boosie's Current Legal Issues

Boosie is currently in jail in San Diego, Calif. as the result of being arrested on a federal gun charge. The Louisiana rapper was initially arrested on May 6 after a traffic stop following a music video shoot. Boosie went to a court hearing for the charges on June 14 and the charges were dropped. However, the FBI picked up the case and arrested Boosie outside the courtroom and charged him with one federal count of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

It was later revealed that police allegedly saw Boosie with a gun in his waistband on Instagram Live and deployed a police helicopter to follow him before his arrest. Boosie was initially denied bond. He has since been granted a $50,000 bond, which has been appealed by prosecutors who claim he is a flight risk.

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