More details have surfaced surrounding Boosie BadAzz's May arrest for gun charges. The Louisiana rapper was reportedly located via police helicopter after authorities spotted him with a firearm in his waistband on social media.

Police Helicopter Deployed to Find Boosie in May Arrest

On Tuesday (June 20), Boosie had a bond hearing in U.S. District Court in San Diego, Calif. During the hearing, Boosie's defense attorney Meghan Blanco blasted authorities for targeting the rapper and overuse of resources, according to The San Diego Union Tribune. This included the San Diego Police Department reportedly using a police helicopter to follow the vehicle Boosie got in after he was allegedly seen with a gun on him by officers looking at Instagram Live.

"He's being targeted because he’s a wealthy, successful Black man," Blanco told U.S. Magistrate Judge Allison Goddard, noting police did all that only to arrest Boosie on a single count of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

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Judge Grants Boosie Bond, Prosecutors Appeal Decision

During the hearing, Judge Goodard granted Boosie a $50,000 bond, despite the U.S. Attorney's argument that the rapper should be held indefinitely due to him being a flight risk. However, prosecutors filed a motion after the hearing seeking to delay the release in order to appeal the judge's ruling.

Boosie's Arrest on Gun Charge

Boosie was arrested on May 6  in the Chollas View neighborhood in San Diego where he was at to shoot a music video. It was then police say they witnessed him in possession of a gun while they were looking on Instagram Live. The rapper was booked following a traffic stop shortly afterward.

Boosie Gets Picked Up by Feds

Boosie attended a court hearing for the gun charge on June 14. The state charges were dropped. However, the feds picked up the case and arrested Boosie outside the courtrooom.

XXL has reached out to the San Diego Police Department and Boosie BadAzz's attorney for comment.

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