Boosie BadAzz has been arrested by federal agents following a court appearance for a gun charge.

On Wednesday (June 14), Boosie BadAzz was arrested by federal agents at a San Diego, Calif. courthouse.

Why Was Boosie BadAzz Arrested by Federal Agents?

According to TMZ, the Baton Rouge, La. spitter was apprehended immediately following a court hearing that was related to an ongoing gun charge stemming from a traffic stop that reportedly happened last month.

Ironically, the day was initially going very well for Boosie as the gun charges the hearing was held for were actually dismissed. However, with that case closed, it appears as though Boosie BadAzz is being slapped with another within minutes.

Boosie BadAzz Asks for Prayers and Apologizes to His Family Following Arrest

While the circumstances surrounding the arrest are currently unclear, a representative for Boosie BadAzz confirmed the arrest and provided an official statement to XXL on his behalf.

"Boosie asks for prayers as he deals with this unfortunate circumstance in his life," the statement from Boosie BadAzz's team reads. "He hopes that he can rejoin his family soon and knows that God got him."

From there, Boosie hit up Twitter on Wednesday evening with a heartfelt apology to his family.

"I wanna take this time to apologize to my kids," Boosie BadAzz tweeted. "I'm sorry and I love y'all forever."

XXL has also reached out to the San Diego District Attorney's Office and the FBI for official statements on the matter.

Boosie BadAzz Wants to Become a Lawyer

The news of Boosie BadAzz being taken into custody by the feds comes just one day after the "F**k the Police" spitter shared his newfound desire to become a defense attorney on Instagram Live while attending YNW Melly’s double murder trial.

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See Boosie BadAzz's Apology to His Children Following His Arrest Below

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