New details have emerged following the arrest of Boosie BadAzz last week. The rapper's capture reportedly came after federal agents saw him with a gun on his Instagram Live.

What Was Boosie BadAzz's Arrest All About?

According to a report by, published on Friday (June 17), Boosie BadAzz's arrest on federal gun charges was the result of agents watching his Instagram Live. According to court documents, Boosie was on IG Live with a handgun in his waistband.

Last Wednesday (June 14), Boosie Badazz, born Torrence Hatch, Jr., was at a hearing in San Diego, Calif., for his May arrest on gun charges. Those charges were dismissed, but the rapper was arrested again for the same incident outside of the courtroom by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. The Baton Rouge, La. rhymer was later charged with one count of felon in possession of a firearm.

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Boosie BadAzz's Criminal Complaint

According to the newspaper, Boosie's criminal complaint revealed that the San Diego Police Department was reviewing the Instagram Story of a known member of the "Neighborhood Crip" gang. Upon further surveillance, the video featured Boosie in the backyard of a house filming a music video with a handgun in his waistband.

At the same time, Boosie was hosting an IG Live where he confirmed his San Diego location with a street sign in the background that is a known "Neighborhood Crip" area. You can view the clip below.

Meanwhile, an SDPD helicopter captured Boosie in the area at about 3 p.m. that day in the area of 49th and Guymon Street in San Diego, entering the rear passenger seat of a black Mercedes SUV. That's the same vehicle San Diego patrol officers pulled over for a traffic stop later that evening for failure to stop at a red light.

When the car was pulled over by the police, there were three people inside - the driver, Boosie, and his security guard. Boosie claimed that he didn't have any weapons, but the security guard did. Upon inspection, the police found a black satchel bag with a 9-millimeter pistol and a magazine attached, which belonged to the security guard.

Officers also discovered a 9-millimeter handgun and magazine next to Boosie and his security guard on the seat, along with a suspected marijuana joint in the center console. The police arrested all three individuals, with Boosie yelling at his guard, "You told me they were in the bag."

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What's Next for Boosie?

Boosie made his first court appearance on Thursday (June 17) and was ordered to be held in custody without bail. According to WSB-TV, during the hearing, prosecutors filed a motion to keep the complaint and arrest warrant sealed.

"Disclosure in the public record at this time likely would cause the targets to flee to avoid prosecution, destroy, or discard evidence, and otherwise seriously jeopardize the investigation," read the motion by the Feds.

Boosie's next court date is set for June 29.

XXL has reached out to the San Diego Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives for comment.

Meanwhile, the incarcerated rapper posted on his IG page that his white Rolls-Royce Cullinan is up for sale for $240,000-cash only. The post shows two exterior shots of the luxury car, along with a picture of the speedometer, which showed the vehicle has a little over 42,000 miles on it. Boosie shared the same advert on his Facebook account. It is unclear what year the model is. The 2023 model retails for nearly $350,000.

Shortly after his arrest, Boosie hopped on Twitter and apologized to his family and children.

"I WANNA TAKE THIS TIME TO APOLOGIZE TO MY KIDS , IM SORRY AND I LOVE YALL FOREVER [prayer hands emoji]," he tweeted in all caps.

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