Boosie BadAzz loves going to the amusement park. But recently, the Louisiana rapper got upset after he was stopped from getting on a kid's amusement ride.

Boosie BadAzz Was Stopped From Hopping on a Kid's Ride

On July 8, a video surfaced of Boosie BadAzz at an amusement park in California with hopes of getting on a kiddie ride. In the clip below, Boosie appears to have been denied by the ride operator. The person filming Boosie leaving the amusement park ride visibly upset asked the dejected rapper what happened.

"You can't ride?" he asked while giggling. "Why you can't ride?"

Boosie points at the train operator as the person who told him he couldn't get on the ride. The train operator looks back at the rapper and gives him the "Yes, I said you can't get on this ride" expression on her face. Boosie eventually leaves the ride area in a huff, seemingly angry that he couldn't ride the amusement park attraction.

It looks like Boosie will have to realize that he's too big for the kiddie rides.

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Boosie BadAzz Angry With Toy Prize He Won at an Amusement Park

This is not the first time Boosie BadAzz has been disappointed with an amusement park. In July of 2022, the veteran rapper shared a video of himself playing a basketball hoop carnival game at the San Monica Pier in California. The game was kind of difficult, but Boosie managed to make three shots out of five attempts. However, when it came time to get his toy prize, he wasn’t happy with it. Boosie was upset that his prize was an itty-bitty sequined toy whale.

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See video of Boosie's reaction to being turned away at a kiddie ride below.

Watch Boosie Being Denied Access to a Kid's Ride at an Amusement Park Below

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