Gunna recently returned to music with his new album A Gift & A Curse and the LP is getting dragged by popular album review YouTuber Anthony Fantano.

Anthony Fantano Gives Gunna's New Album a 1 out of 10 Review

On Tuesday (June 20), TheNeedleDrop's Anthony "The Internet's Busiest Music Nerd" Fantano, posted his review of Gunna's surprise LP, A Gift & A Curse, which dropped on June 16. Let's just say the album is very likely to end up on the YouTuber's Worst Albums of 2023 list.

"I have no earthly idea why [Gunna] thinks the material on this record is going to be convincing to anybody who is that deeply invested in snitching and not snitching," Fantano wondered in his YouTube review of the album (below). "This whole song and dance of 'feel bad for me, I didn't say anything. Oh my God, I'm the one bad things are happening to,' is so pitiful it's sickening."

"Seriously, it's sad to hear him try to spend all this time flipping the narrative, when this is not the kind of content people went to Gunna for anyway," Fantano opined. "People just want to hear him repeat some silly, catchy refrain over dumb trap beat, push p and that's it.

Fantano did have one positive comment about the song "Cash S**t."

"But even this track is so washed out and basic, I can't see it staying around for very long," he concluded.

Overall, Fantano called the offering a "desperate and sad record" before ultimately rating the LP a decent to strong one out of 10.

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The Reception to Gunna's New Album

How Gunna would be received when he returned to rap after facing snitching allegations in the YSL RICO case has been up for debate. The 15-song album, which is sans features, has been getting mixed reactions online. Gunna addresses the snitching allegations on the album track "Bread & Butter." The album is reportedly on pace to move around 80,000 copies in its first week.

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Watch Anthony Fantano's Full Review of Gunna's A Gift & A Curse Album Below

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