Rick Ross is showing off a watch that he says not only costs $20 million but it also took Jacob The Jeweler over three years to make.

Rick Ross Joins Jacob The Jeweler on FaceTime to Discuss $20 Million Watch

On Monday (July 10), Rick Ross hit up his Instagram Story to put an upcoming edition to his lavish lifestyle on front street in the form of a wildly expensive timepiece. In a FaceTime call with hip-hop's most famous jewelry maker, Jacob The Jeweler, the biggest boss unveiled that even though the watch isn't yet in his possession, he'll be adding the piece to his already over-the-top collection of the finer things in life.

Jacob The Jeweler Says $20 Million Watch Made for Rick Ross Can't be Duplicated

In the video below, an extremely proud Rick Ross can be seen discussing the $20 million dollar icy creation with the man who is responsible for creating it. According to Jacob The Jeweler, who has made pieces for Rick Ross many times over the years, it took more than three and a half years to collect all of the diamonds and Tsavorite garnet stones that are set into the watch and it "cannot be duplicated."

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Rick Ross' Reaction to the New $20 Million Watch Created by Jacob The Jeweler

As Rick Ross gushes over the impressive wrist piece over and over again on his Instagram Story, Rozay took a moment to bask in his latest celebration of success.

"This is the billionaire," Rick Ross tells his 18 million IG followers while still on the video chat with Jacob The Jeweler. "From my perspective, it's a beautiful thing. It's a beautiful moment. This is an amazing timepiece. It took over three and a half years to collect the stones. These are not emerald green stones. These are Tsavorites."

What are Tsavorite Gem Stones?

According to the International Gem Society, Tsavorites are an emerald green-colored grossular garnet, which has become one of the most expensive and sought-after stones in the jewelry world.

Rick Ross Continues to Add to His Extensive Jewelry Collection

Rick Ross' soon-to-be $20 million prized possession won't be the first addition to his extensive jewelry collection courtesy of Jacob The Jeweler in 2023. Back in February, Ross had a pinky ring hand-delivered to his home in an armored truck. A hilarious video of the delivery sees Rozay refusing to present the armored truck driver with proper identification.

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Check out the stunning $20 million watch Jacob The Jeweler took over three years to make for Rick Ross in the video below.

See Rick Ross Show Off the $20 Million Watch That Took Jacob The Jeweler Over Three Years to Make

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