Rick Ross recently purchased a seven-figure watch, which was delivered to him by armed security guards.

On Thursday (Oct. 27), Rick Ross shared video of a special delivery he was receiving at his home. In the clip, a van pulls down Ross' driveway and two armed-delivery personnel emerge and give Rozay a huge box that contains his expensive timepiece.

"This that Jacob delivery. Heavy weight," Rick Ross teases.

"They gotta be heavily armed when they making a Rozay delivery from Jacob," he later says. "It ain't normal. It ain't regular."

The watch Rick Ross purchased appears to be the Jacob & Co. Mystery Tourbillon. The watch retails for just under $1.5 million.

According to the website's description of the timepiece, it "is invisibly set with baguette hexagonal diamonds and the dial is set with hexagonal, 'overlapping' diamonds. The minute disk is set with 119 white diamonds (≈ 6.80 ct.) and one ruby (≈ 0.18ct.) to indicate the exact minute. The hour disk is also set with 119 white diamonds (≈ 7.93ct.) and one red ruby (≈ 0.28ct.) to show the hours. The outer ring is set with 108 white diamonds (≈ 4.56ct.) and 12 blue sapphires (≈ 1.49ct.) for the hour markers."

Rick Ross is no stranger to buying expensive things or receiving special deliveries. Last year, he claimed he bought a $1 million home just to drive by it. Back in February, Ross got a delivery from Jacob that didn't go as swimmingly as his recent shipment. The rapper gave the delivery driver a hard time after refusing to show ID.

See Video of Rick Ross Getting Delivered a $1.5 Million Watch Below

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Big spendin'.

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