NLE Choppa and DJ Vlad are back trading shots.

On Thursday (July 7), DJ Vlad shared a tweet where he claimed someone tried pay to get an interview on his show. He referred to this unnamed person as a "snake oil salesman."

"A snake oil salesman who claimed he reversed cancer using his $125 bottle of miracle cure just tried to buy a VladTV interview. This is how these guys operate," Vlad tweeted.

NLE Choppa, who sells natural herbs, was previously called a "snake oil salesman" by Vlad in the past. So, naturally, the rapper believed the post was about him and responded with a shot at the interviewer.

"On my momma you lien. Vladimir Putin looking bitch," the Memphis rapper snapped.

Vlad then clapped back, insinuating he may not have been talking about NLE Choppa.

"How am I lying when I never said I was talking about you - read my tweet," Vlad replied. "You're not the only snake oil salesman out there lying about curing cancer with fake overpriced herbs. Wannabe NBA YoungBoy looking bitch."

NLE Choppa responded with the awkward claim, "I can’t wait to see you. Warm hugs for you."

"Why wait?" Vlad replied. "You can come see me on VladTV face to face whenever you're man enough to do it."

From there, the two traded shots about each other's looks.

This isn't the first time Vlad and NLE Choppa have exchanged insults. Last month, beef erupted between the two when Vlad called a farce on NLE Choppa's claims that he could heal Justin Bieber's facial paralysis with natural herbs.

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