NLE Choppa and DJ Vlad are trading shots on social media due to Choppa's claim that he can cure Justin Bieber's medical condition.

The beef seemed to erupt when Vlad posted an article about NLE Choppa saying he could heal Bieber's facial paralysis, on June 11. The Memphis rapper took exception to the article and replied, "Stop posting me."

DJ Vlad responded by saying he would not oblige Choppa's request. That's when things got heated.

"Chump ass nigga," NLE Choppa responded.

"Says the chump who claims he cured cancer," Vlad clapped back.

"And did," Choppa retorted.

Vlad is referring to NLE Choppa's revelation that he became an herbalist in 2021 and could cure a number of diseases through alternative medicine.

"You didn't cure shit," Vlad responded. "Any actual cure has 3 levels of clinical trials associated with it along with peer reviews of the outcome. You have none of that. All you did was tweet that you cured someone."

From there, NLE Choppa attempted to shoot down Vlad's credibility as a journalist and perpetuate the running joke that Vlad works with the police.

"You a culture vulture," Choppa returned. "You make money off us and really don’t fuck with the people. Police ass."

"You're a snake oil salesman," Vlad closed. "This year you claimed you have herbs that replace Brazilian Butt Lifts & breast implants. Last year you claimed you can cure herpes, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. Fraud ass."

NLE Choppa has been going hard with his journey to find alternative means to heal the body through herbs. Last year, he claimed to have herbs that will cure a number of sexually transmitted diseases. In January, Choppa claimed to have an herb that could increase breast size and also works as a BBL. Justin Bieber is suffering from Ramsay Hunt syndrome, a condition that has left the right side of his face paralyzed.

Check out the full back-and-forth between NLE Choppa and DJ Vlad below.

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