A video of Meek Mill haggling with a shoe reseller who wants $500 for a pair of Jordans has made the Philadelphia rapper a trending topic on Twitter.

Meek Mill Tries to Negotiate Price of Jordans

On Monday (Aug. 21), video of Meek Mill at a sneaker reselling event started going viral. In the clip, which can be viewed below, Meek, money in hand, is trying to play let's make a deal after being quoted $500 for a pair of Pine Green Nike SB x Jordan 4's.

"I can buy these in the store for the regular price. Why would I buy them here for $500?" Meek Mill questioned the vendor. "And give you a free commercial. That's a bad move. I gotta teach you how to hustle?"

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Meek Mill Concedes and Buys Shoes

The vendor stands firm on his price for the shoes, which go for $300 to $500 online.

"I can buy these in the store right now for $300," Meek Mill continued. "You want $500? That's a bad move. I'ma buy them from you, but that's a bad sell. You supposed to give it to Meek Mill for the low. Get the commercial. I might come back and buy more."

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See video of Meek Mill trying to negotiate the price for a pair of Jordan 4's below

Watch Meek Mill Haggling With a Shoe Reseller About a Pair of Jordans

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