Latto recently partnered up with Wingstop for their Lemon Herb Remix meal.

Wingstop Announces Latto's Lemon Herb Remix Meal

On Monday (July 17), a representative from Wingstop hopped on the restaurant's Instagram page and posted a trailer highlighting their new combo meal with Latto called Lemon Herb Remix. Latto and Wingstop's culinary team are responsible for the chicken wing's dry rub flavor. In the clip below, the 24-year-old rapper pulls up in a yellow foreign whip as her hit single "Put It On Da Floor" plays in the background. The rims focus on the Wingstop trademark, while the car's license plate reads "Zesty." A lemon keychain also signals the rapper's partnership with the chicken brand after Latto tosses a valet driver her keys.

Once Latto enters the building, all eyes are on her. As Latto walks to the elevator with a brown Wingstop paper bag in her hand and a yellow fit to match the lemony aesthetic, two men take a moment to admire the rapper's beauty. The trailer ends with Latto meeting up with one of her friends and sister, Brooklyn Nikole, to grub on the delicious new meal.

"What's up, y'all? Latto says in the video excitedly. "Who's ready for the Latto Lemon Herb Remix?"

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What Does Latto and Wingstop's Lemon Herb Remix Meal Have in It?

Latto and Wingstop's Lemon Herb Remix meal provides foodies with 21 classic wings, two dips and one large fry. The number of wings, according to PR News Wire, takes inspiration from Latto's 7-7-7 lottery-winning energy. The dry rub flavor combines zesty lemon, aromatic herbs and savory garlic. The Lemon Herb Remix meal comes on the heels of National Chicken Wing Day, which is on July 29. The delectable food combination is available for a limited time only.

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Watch Latto partner with Wingstop for the Lemon Herb Remix Meal below.

Watch Latto Partner With Wingstop for the Lemon Herb Remix Meal Below

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