It looks like Ice Spice's new song "Think U The S**t (Fart)" may have been aimed at Latto.

Ice Spice's 'Think U The S**t (Fart)' Possibly Targeted at Latto

On Friday (Feb. 2), a video surfaced of Ice Spice chatting on Spaces via X, formerly known as Twitter. During her convo with her fans, the Bronx rapper acknowledged that her song "Think U The S**t (Fart)" was aimed at someone who had her music video playing in the background of a "weak-ass" snippet.

Although Ice Spice didn't mention any names, fans surmised that she was talking about Latto. In January of 2024, the Atlanta rhymer uploaded a TikTok clip featuring Ice's "Pretty Girl" music video playing in the background. Latto's TikTok video can be viewed below.

"I put it out because b***hes were being funny that day. Like why am I in the background of your weak-a*s snippet?" she told fans during her chat session.

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Ice Spice Is Dropping Her Debut Album This Year

Nevertheless, Ice Spice has big plans for 2024. During her appearance on Today with Hoda & Jenna on Jan. 31, the "Deli" rapper revealed that she is dropping her official debut album this year.

"Yes, there is going to be an album this year," Ice said. "This year, I'm so excited. It's called Y2K. It's almost finished. So, I'm really excited."

Ice later gave the meaning behind the album title, revealing she was born on Jan. 1, 2000. She also revealed she has a "crazy collaboration" but wouldn't reveal who it's with.

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Watch Ice Spice talk about her new song "Think U The S**t (Fart)" and imply that the song was directed at someone who had her music video playing in the background in a "weak-ass" snippet.

Listen to Ice Spice Talk About Her New Song "Think U The S**t (Fart)" Which May Have Been Aimed at Latto

Watch Latto's TikTok video and See Ice Spice's Music Video Playing in the Background

Watch Ice Spice's "Think U The S**t (Fart)" Music Video

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