Kendrick Lamar's microphone stopped working during a performance of Beyoncé's "America Has a Problem (Remix)" this week.

Kendrick Lamar Performs "America Has a Problem" With Beyoncé During Her Renaissance Tour

On Monday (Sept. 4), Beyoncé brought out Kendrick Lamar to perform "America Has a Problem (Remix)" at the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, Calif. for her Renaissance Tour. However, once it was time for Kendrick Lamar to deliver his verse from the song, he faced some technical difficulties along the way. In the clip below, while Kendrick Lamar is performing his microphone abruptly stopped working.

The 36-year-old MC didn't seem to notice though and kept reciting his lyrics from the single. But luckily, Lamar's microphone turned back on mid-performance and concertgoers were able to hear the second half of his verse. Meanwhile, Beyoncé took the moment to strike a few poses and show off a few dance moves.

In May, Beyoncé dropped "America Has a Problem (Remix)" featuring Kendrick Lamar. The song earned Bey a re-entry on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Beyoncé's "America Has a Problem" peaked at No. 69 while Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar's version of "America Has a Problem" shot up to No. 39 on the aforementioned chart.

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Kendrick Lamar Says 50 Cent Always Drops Gems That Give Him Perspective

More recently, Kendrick Lamar revealed that 50 Cent always drops "jewels" that change his views on certain things. On Aug. 29, Lamar sat down with Nigeria-born singer Tems for a feature on Interview magazine. During their discussion, he talked about being powerfully influenced by Fif.

"Now, I've always studied 50 Cent's music and watched his interviews, and someone asked if he was a conscious artist," he explained. "He said, 'Yeah, I'm a conscious artist because I have a conscience.' That s**t blew me away. It gave me a different perspective—50 drops a lot of jewels that give me perspective, but that one right there gave me a sense of, OK, a lot of artists live and know how to project duality."

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See how Kendrick Lamar pushed through his performance amid technical difficulties.

Watch Kendrick Lamar's Microphone Stop Working During Performance of Beyoncé's "America Has a Problem (Remix)"

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