Kendrick Lamar recently shared video of himself roasting his producer for wearing a bonnet during a tour bus studio session.

Kendrick Lamar Roasts Producer's Bonnet

On Tuesday (June 27), Kendrick Lamar shared a post on his burner Instagram account that was taken from the inside of his tour bus. In the clip (below), the Damn. rapper has jokes for his producer who recently hopped out of bed to get some work in.

"That n***a jumped out the bunk with the 'Yvettee!'" Kendrick Lamar joked, in reference to Snoop Dogg's character in the 2001 film Baby Boy. Funnily, the producer bears a striking resemblance to Uncle Snoop. "That n***ga jumped out the bunk with the Yvette on."

In a second video in the post, Kendrick showed the producer sitting behind the boards still wearing the purple bonnet. A third post in the gallery shows a very close-up selfie of Kendrick with eye patches under his eyes.

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Kendrick Lamar Is on the Road

Kendrick is on the last leg of his massive Big Steppers Tour, which will see the rapper perform nearly 100 shows across the globe. The pgLang MC is currently in festival mode, with 17 show dates left before he wraps things up on Oct. 13. From the looks of things, he is currently working on new music as well while he traverses the globe. Kendrick recently won Best Male Hip Hop Artist at the 2023 BET Awards.

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Watch Kendrick Lamar Roast His Producer for Wearing a Bonnet During a Tour Bus Studio Session Below

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