21 Savage's love for R&B holds no bounds. The Atlanta rapper recently filmed himself singing his heart out at Beyoncé's Renaissance World Tour.

21 Savage Sings Along at Beyoncé's Renaissance World Tour

On Friday (Aug. 12), 21 Savage jumped on his Instagram Story and posted a video of himself singing along to Beyoncé at her Atlanta stop of her Renaissance World Tour. In the clip, the R&B superstar is singing her power ballad "Dangerously in Love," and the Her Loss creator couldn't help himself but sing along.

"I am in love with you, you set me free/I can't do this thing called life without you here with me/'Cause I'm dangerously in love with you," 21 croons out loud without a care in the world.

A fan on Twitter reshared the Atlanta rapper's video and expressed her appreciation of him being the biggest Queen Bey fan. "When I tell you 21 savage has me CRYING lmaoooooo you know he loves Beyoncé down," she tweeted.

21 posted another video of himself singing his heart out to Beyoncé's 2011 song "1+1."

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21 Savage Loves to Sing R&B

Although 21 Savage is a capable rapper, he's not afraid to show off his crooning skills when it comes to R&B. Back in April, a fan filmed the "Rich Flex" rhymer singing alongside Usher at his residency in Las Vegas. In the video below, Usher asked 21, who was sitting among the crowd, if he wanted to sing with him.

"You like singing R&B and s**t, right?" Usher asked while handing him a microphone. Without hesitation, the Slaughter Gang leader grabbed the mic and assisted Usher with his 2004 Alicia Keys duet "My Boo." The crowd laughed hysterically at 21 as he tried to hit the high notes to the song.

Everybody loves the R&B-singing 21 Savage.

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Watch 21 Savage's singing skills below.

Watch 21 Savage Sing His Heart Out at Beyoncé's Renaissance World Tour

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