A new version of a controversial Kanye West track titled "DJ Khaled's Son" recently surfaced.

Snippets and different versions of this track have been leaking since 2018, but this appears to be the first time the song has surfaced in full and with a new beat. The song sees Ye seemingly defiantly using various slurs. The track has a demo feel to it, with Ye's lines being indecipherable at times.

"I keep my gun everywhere I go like DJ Khaled's son/Everywhere I go/Everywhere I go," Kanye repeats on the chorus.

"I heard you can't say fag no more, spic no more, kike no more/I heard you can't say bitch no more, like no more, dyke no more," Ye kicks off the first verse. "I heard you can't have real faith/Vanzant you can't penetrate."

"Side bitches need a side too/Fat bitches need a ride too/NoBu need a drive-thru, come through," he continues in an apparent stream-of-consciousness.

Earlier this month, Ye debuted the new song "Someday We'll All Be Free" via controversial conspiracy theorist Alex Jones' InfoWars website, days after his appearance on Jones' show. On the new track, Ye addresses some of his recent controversies.

"Y'all know honestly, y'all all honor me/I know 'cause the headlines why you wanna leave/You knew I follow God, so you should follow me," he spits on the first verse.

"I ain't never rocked with none of y'all, no way (No way)/And I'm pullin' up in that white OJ (Ayy)," he adds later on in the track. "Used to wear watch filled with the O'Sheas/Jackson if you nasty/Tweeted 'death con,' now we past three (It won't be long, take it from me, someday—)/Tweeted 'death con,' now we past three."

Ye continues to make moves that are causing people to part ways with him. Last week, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago rescinded the honorary degree it gave Ye in 2015 due to his continuous hate speech. Over the weekend, he was named Antisemite of the Year by a watchdog group.

Listen to the New Version Kanye West's "DJ Khaled's Son" Below

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