YoungBoy Never Broke Again recently released a new eight minute-long track where he urges Kanye West to stand firm in his convictions in the midst of his controversy.

After releasing several projects this year, NBA YoungBoy dropped off a new single titled "This for My Supporters" on Dec. 3. The track is over eight minutes in length and finds the Louisiana rapper name-dropping Ye in the second verse.

"It hurt my heart that Kanye let them people break his soul," NBA YoungBoy raps on the Simo Fre, D-Roc, Juppybeats and Khris James-produced beat. "How the fuck that go?/Nigga, stand your own/Nigga, hold your ground! You strong!"

On the track, YB also addresses his recent beef with Bobby Shmurda.

"Shawty say he gon' boom me on camera, and I ain't got no more fight inside my heart/So, if you run into me, I'm just gon' let it go down, I ain't scared, my boy," he raps in reference to Bobby saying he would "boom" YB when they ran into each other.

Top also teases that he is planning to get married on the track rapping: "Damn, I finally made it to this day, now, I'm here to say, I'm finna get married in a couple days."

Kanye West is running out of supporters at this point. In his latest stunt, he appeared on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones' InfoWars show and doubled down on his admiration of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, all while doing ventriloquism with a net. Over the weekend, Ye reportedly fired Milo Yiannopoulos from his 2024 presidential campaign team.

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