Wack 100 is responding to Bobby Shmurda's threats to "boom" him by inviting the Brooklyn, N.Y. rapper to speak with a transgender woman instead.

Last night (Nov. 27), well known hip-hop manager Wack 100 shared a post on Instagram with photos of a Instagram user who Wack says is an openly transgender woman. In the caption, he encouraged Bobby Shmurda to link with them.

"@itsbobbyshmurda We have somebody to your liking," Wack 100 began in the caption of the post. "@naughtynerdninja is a open Transgender woman. Very respectful. Come to the 💯 show on @clubhouse and you can meet #Naughty. Don’t say I didn’t look out for you ‼️WE KNOW WHAT U LIKE- *CONTACT @r_ann_b FOR MANAGEMENT *.

Wack 100's post appears to be a direct response to Bobby bringing up Wack during a rant on Instagram Live yesterday. The rant was initially about NBA YoungBoy, after beef erupted between YB and Bobby, but evolved to threats toward Wack and others.

"Any nigga I catch, like Wack, any of y'all niggas. Y'all can record this. I'm going to boom them on camera," Bobby Shmurda snapped. "On camera, live. 'You on parole.' I don't give a fuck. I'm going to boom on you niggas on camera. On my dead grandmother, nigga. Next nigga call my name, and niggas who called my name already. Wack, when I catch y'all, on my dead grandmother, I'm gonna boom y'all."

Bobby Shmurda appears to still be seething over Wack 100 calling him out back in January, when Wack claimed Bobby was losing street cred by "disco bunny dancing" in his videos and online.

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